Monday, July 17, 2017

It's A "Brain Fart"

Liberals blame Bush for the rise of ISIS, because he invaded Iraq and caused “regime change.” That's a “brain fart.” What really caused it is the fact that Obama pulled out of Iraq before the job was done, creating a vacuum, in which ISIS rose to power. In any case, what the hell does it matter what the name is? They're all Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate. ISIS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram, whatever. They're all the same ignorant, and vile people who kill innocent people for not believing in their drivel.

EXAGGERATION, EXAGGERATION: Thy name is Dumocrat. Socialist Bernie Sanders says if the Republican health care bill is enacted, 28,000 people will DIE every year, which is NINE TIMES worse than 9/11! Other Dumocrats say MILLIONS of people will die. What they don't mention is the number of people who DID DIE as a result of Obamacare! I'm getting very tired of them LYING and exaggerating everything. They say Trump is INSANE, without giving us ANY evidence of just HOW he is insane. There's never any evidence, only ignorant pronouncements and predictions that couldn't possibly come true.

WE KNOW FOR A FACT”: I just heard someone (I don't know who) say on Fox News, that “We know for a FACT that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election.” We do NOT “know that for a fact.” We ASSUME they did, because that's what they DO. But assuming something does not rise to the level of knowing it for a FACT. There are far too many people in a position to influence lawmakers who THINK what they ASSUME is fact. It is NOT.

ASK A STUPID QUESTION! They're running a question and answer campaign on the Internet. The question they ask is, “Is CNN biased against Trump? Wow! What a stupid question! But I can't say it is the stupidest. That “honor” falls to another campaign that asked, “Is Obama the best president ever?” Obama is unquestionably the WORST president in my memory, and my memory goes back a LOOOONG way. To even ask that question reveals a certain IGNORANCE. FDR was ONE of the worst, but liberals everywhere still “lionize” him. And so do even some conservatives!

ADD IT TO THE LIST: There's a long list of people who have died under very suspicious circumstances, with their deaths never being properly investigated, while “authorities” made very suspicious “rulings” regarding them. Like the one man who “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head. Republican operative Peter W. Smith was trying to unearth Hillary's 30,000 “lost” e-mails when he “committed suicide” because of “ill health.” No, there's no EVIDENCE of foul play, But the sheer NUMBER of people who DIED just before they were to reveal something a Clinton didn't want known makes me suspicious.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Judicial Watch just received copies of lots of Hillary's e-mails, most “redacted” (“redacted” meaning all incriminating information blacked out), but some important info remained, showing Hillary's propensity for receiving money for favors such as visas for “important people” and cushy ambassador jobs for contributors. Plus, evidence of almost 500 emails containing classified info were found. I'll be interested to see if ANY criminal charges are filed, even if she “didn't MEAN to do anything wrong.”

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