Monday, July 10, 2017

Promoting Rape

Rape has become a major problem in the military, and no wonder, when the “powers that be” tell female recruits that they should just “suck it up” when transgenders (men) shower right beside them. The politicians who promote such things think transgenders are all gay, so they won't be sexually excited by the sight of a naked woman in the shower. Many will want to have sex with them, and when they refuse, the men often just force themselves on them.And some "full-blooded (non gay) men" PRETEND that they see themselves as women so they can go into those places and look at our young girls.

WHAT IS “BIGOTED?” Whatever they decide it is, according to the left, I guess. Anything that disagrees with their preconceived notions is called “bigoted” or “racist.” that's their primary scam in their efforts to SILENCE criticism of their positions. Some liberals are even pushing to make disagreement with their “flights of fancy” a CRIMINAL offense, to be punished by l;aw, and the judgment will be on their opinion of what is “bigoted” or not. They have me listed on several of their “racist” lists because I tell the truth about black people, gay activists, and Muslim terrorists. Ask me if I give a damn.

PHONY NRA MEMBERS: Although there are really just 5 MILLION NRA members, 14 million people SAY they're NRA members. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's just wishful thinking of people who may have ONCE been members and feel like they still are, and maybe many of them only claim membership so pollsters will ask their opinion AS a NRA member. The NRA never gives out member information, so there's NO WAY pollsters can get that information except to ask the NRA itself to poll their members, which they regularly do.

NO GENDER REGULATIONS: The Olympic Committee has announced “no gender regulations” for the Olympic games. Which means people who are physically MEN can compete with WOMEN to win the gold. That this is ABSURD goes without saying. Men are bigger and stronger than most women, so these men who THINK they are women today have an unfair advantage. This will DESTROY the Olympic games, by injecting politics into them. But the liberals on this committee are not sufficiently INTELLIGENT to know it.

PAVING ROADS IS RACIST: According to the left, anyway. They think only “rich white people” drive on paved roads, thus paving them is racist. This is typical left-wing lunacy. A way to extend the label of racism to everybody. I'm certainly not rich, though I AM a “white man,” and I drive on paved roads, every day I go out. Their contention that ONLY “rich white men” drive on paved roads” is RACIST. They attribute white against black racism to everything, even if they have to twist reality severely, which is their way to advance their own racism against white people.

INSIPID RACIST PROFESSOR: A professor who teaches “African American Studies” (definition, studies promoting racism) at Emory University, says Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot (almost fatally) at baseball practice for a charity game, better be glad the Republican health care plan has not yet been passed after he was readmitted to the ICU with further problems, ASSUMING the GOP plan is a bad one, which is not true. What she doesn't say is that Scalise is not dependent on Obamacare, OR the Republican substitute. Like all members of Congress, he has his own (congressional) health care plan, which is far better than ANYTHING Congress will come up with.

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