Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Typical Two-Step

When Fox News asked a liberal about Debbie Wasserman Shultz' IT guy being arrested for bank fraud as he tried to flee the country after sending a lot of money ahead, he said,”People like her employ lots of people, and they can't be responsible for the actions of all of them." Sounds good, doesn't it? Except it isn't the same if one of Trump's people lets a FART. They'll want a congressional investigation, including smelling it. That's whether or not there IS a smell, or ANY “evidence” of a fart.

GUN CONTROL'S NEXT STEP: Blame the owner when guns are stolen. A recent report by John Podesta, once Obama's chief of staff and Hillary's campaign manager, says, “Gun thefts are a scourge on our society” and he wants new laws (Surprise, surprise!) made to punish OWNERS when their guns are stolen—not the crooks who steal them. They still think a LAW will stop the bad guys from stealing people's guns to use in victimizing others. He recommends all sorts of measures to put the blame on gun owners when their guns get stolen, as if that will actually DO something to stop it.

NO REPLACEMENT NEEDED: Trump keeps talking about “repeal and replace” for Obamacare. But we don't need a “replacement” for Obamacare, no matter what it entails. We were doing okay before Obamacare CANCELLED the AFFORDABLE health care insurance for millions, while MANDATING they buy HIS “insurance” at TWO, and THREE times the price, while adding deductions in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making his “insurance” worthless! Vladmir Lenin said, “Government-paid health insurance is the 'linchpin' to impose socialism on the people.” And it still is.

KIM IS COURTING DEATH: Kim Jong Un is playing a losing game. If he wants to stay in power, and stay alive, he'll stop “picking at” the United States and start spending more money to make things better for his people, who are starving, while he spends BILLIONS on his missiles and nuclear research. There is NO WAY he can win a war against America, nuclear or otherwise. If he fires a SINGLE missile in our direction, he'll be dead soon after, while we shoot it down before it can get near us. If he wants to stay alive, he'll shut up about attacking us, because our retaliation will be immense. He will not survive it.

PUNISH LAWMAKERS: Why are there so many lawmakers who think they can get away with making laws that are patently unconstitutional, and get away with it? So far, the only penalty they pay is for their unconstitutional laws to be declared so, and reversed, sometimes long after they have wreaked havoc among the people. What we need is a law that punishes MAKING such laws, in the first place. A two-tier law: one level for them UNKNOWINGLY making an unconstitutional law, the other for provably KNOWINGLY making an unconstitutional law.

GUN BUYBACK FAILURE: All these highly touted “gun buybacks” are supposed to get guns “off the streets.” But what happens to the guns they collect, after everybody stops looking? One county judge found out recently. He turned in a gun he got from his father, handing it to a couple of cops in return for a Visa debit card worth less than $100. Then recently, the same gun was found next to the body of a street gang member who was shot by a Cicero, IL cop. Now he's asking what happened? How did a gun he thought was “off the streets” end up back ON the street in the hands of a gang member? Somebody with access to those guns made himself some money.

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