Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"All Whites Are Racist!"

That's what Adjunct Professor Preston Mitchum (who looks just like a thug—and probably is) at the Georgetown Law School seems to think. More likely it is MITCHUM who is the racist, and he reveals his racism every time he opens his big mouth. He also says all men are sexist (I guess that includes him, too--or maybe he excepts himself). He says “Everybody has a bias.” That tells me a lot more about HIM than anybody else. He's projecting his own biases on everybody else. That's what people like this fool who conned his way into a professorship do. Accuse others of what HE is and does.

NOT A CHANCE! A Wisconsin company is asking its employees to "voluntarily" allow them to implant RDIF chips. Some people think this is a good idea. Intelligent people do not. It is just the beginning of a movement toward absolute control of all citizens. The company has PROMISED that these chips do not contain GPS tracking devices—yet. But once implanted, they can be reprogrammed, at will, and without notice. I recommend their employees don't fall for it. It's a bad idea. I certainly would NOT.

DEATH PANELS: Politicians claim that there are no “death panels” involved when the government “takes over” the health care insurance industry. A recent case in England is the best example I can think of that there ARE. England HAS government health care, and they recently kept the case of a child with a severe disease in court long enough so that it's now too late--nothing can now save his life, so the parents have given up their fight to keep him alive. Maybe if the government had not kept this tied up in court so long, they MIGHT have had a chance to save his life—but we'll never know, now.

LOT OF HORSE DUNG! Every time I hear a Dumocrat say that passing the GOP health care bill into law will mean “deep cuts” to Medicare, that's what I automatically shout. At least that's close. I use a slightly different word to describe it. For that's what it is—horse dung. There ARE no cuts in the bill—only slight reductions in INCREASES! Those on the other side of it CALL those “cuts” because they are cuts ONLY in what they want. Frankly, horse dung is what most politics is, today. I get so sick of it!

IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The federal district court recently ruled that requiring applicants provide a “good reason” before being issued a carry permit is in violation of the Constitution—which is absolutely right. The Constitution clearly states that the right to be armed “shall not be abridged” for ALL Americans. Requirements such as this ARE an “abridgment” to that right. Back when I applied for a permit in Indiana (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), they had that requirement, which I easily met. But I shouldn't have had to meet it. Being non-political then, I didn't realize how my rights were being violated.

CHICAGO GUN DEATHS LIGHT: They only killed one last Tuesday, but they wounded 9. which is very low, considering their usual very high level of “gun violence” in one of the most tightly gun-controlled cities in the Midwest. When are they going to learn that all their silly gun laws do is make it easier for the “bad guys,” who never apply for gun permits, anyway, to victimize law-abiding people who do? Every time a guy with an ILLEGAL gun shoots somebody, they make another “gun law” for him to IGNORE the next time he wants to shoot somebody.

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