Friday, July 21, 2017

Rumors, Stories and Lies

There's a rumor out that OJ Simpson was caught masturbating in his cell, which seems to be against prison policy. Why, I can't understand. With prisoners being mostly denied feminine companionship for YEARS unless they're married, what other outlet does a normal man have, except masturbation? To use this in an effort to deny him parole is stupid and absurd. But there are stupid people everywhere. And even the rumor is denied, since the prison NEVER releases to the public, details of disciplinary action, so even the rumors are phony.

EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION: Dumocrats have been desperately trying, ever since Trump was elected president, upsetting all their applecarts, to find “evidence” of Russian collusion in the 2016 election that elected Trump president. And finally, they actually found some—but it is evidence of DUMOCRAT collusion with the Russians. Not quite what they wanted. The Special Prosecutor witch hunt will have to take a new turn that the Dumocrats will not like.

WHY NEED A BAN? The U. S. Government is looking at a BAN on traveling to N. Korea after a college student was misused so badly there that he fell into a coma and died shortly after he was released. My question is this: “Why do we need a ban on traveling to N. Korea?” Why would any intelligent person go there any more? Going to N. Korea is a way to cull the ignorant from our society, as only ignorant people would go there after what happened to that college student.

TOO MUCH TERRITORY: Special Counsel Mueller has “expanded” his witch hunt to include Trump's business dealings. That's a clear violation of the regulations regarding his appointment, which first of all, require an actual CRIME to be investigated, which this one does not. It also LIMITS his ability to widen an investigation without APPROVAL from the Deputy Attorney General. This is becoming a real farce, and needs to be ENDED.

WATERS DELUDED: Maxine Waters, she of the big mouth and no brains, says, “I'll run for president if the millennials want me.” She really thinks this will “strike fear in the hearts of Trump supporters.” How DAFT is this bimbo? She keeps getting re-elected by the FOOLS in her district, but the truth will emerge if she ever tries to get votes outside of her little bubble. The rest of the electorate is not as ignorant as are her supporters, and if she tries to run for president, she'll find that out, quickly.

SUPREME STUPIDITY: Baltimore, MD politicians think “asking criminals not to kill people” will stop them from doing it. This is the place where they tried to put six good cops in jail for doing their jobs, and failed, remember. So they've displayed their abysmal ignorance before, recently. Now they want to make it worse by “asking criminals not to kill people” and really thinking that will do something, Liberals tend to elect really ignorant, and sometimes stupid politicians, but this really “takes the cake.” I can't believe how STUPID politicians are, and still get elected. Sheesh!

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