Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"May the Fourth Be With You!"

RAHM EMANUEL IS FOS!* If you don't know what FOS means, it means, “*full of sh-t.” He's now telling people that Trump's base WANTS Obamacare. Dumocrats have a way of deluding themselves, and others, and this fool has just confirmed it. The sad part is that this idiot actually BELIEVES what he's saying. He's just stupid enough to believe it. And he is running one of the biggest cities in America! And he's the former (thank goodness!) Chief of Staff to a PRESIDENT! People wonder why this country is going to hell in a handbasket, Organic stupidity is the reason. That's why Trump was elected, to correct that. And he is doing just that.

BERNIE SANDERS UNDER INVESTIGATION: He and his wife are under investigation for bank fraud. SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders is suspected of bank fraud! How priceless is that? The guy who thinks every single rich person (except himself, of course) should have their money taken away from them and given to people who neither deserve it, nor have earned it, is suspected of trying to con people out of money so he can become even richer than he is! You know Bernie is, himself, very rich, don't you? He doesn't even equate himself to those he thinks should be stripped of their money and property, which shows that he is as stupid as Rahm Emanuel.

NEVER A DUMOCRAT: Did you know that at least 30 REPUBLICAN congressmen have been threatened recently? Just since we elected Donald Trump president. They're really frightened, folks! They KNOW Trump is going to “take away their toys,” and that scares the hell out of them, hence all the hatred they've been spewing. And not a SINGLE Dumocrat has been threatened—that should tell you something. They criticize Republicans for "hate speech," but THEY are guilty of the worst kind of hate speech.

GOP SHOULD STOP HATE SPEECH? MSNBC's Elsie Jordan compared Trump to a suicide bomber. And WE should stop the “hate speech?” Seems to me most of the real hate speech is coming from Dumocrats and other leftists. But then, that's not surprising; they always condemn US for the very things THEY are doing. They go out and say the nastiest things about women, then go out and criticize US for what they call “our war on women.” And they don't think intelligent people notice that.

TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: The collision between a freighter and the U. S, Navy's USS Firzgerald off Japan was a combination of incompetence on both sides. There was nobody on the bridge of the freighter to monitor the autopilot that was sailing the ship, and the systems on the Fitzgerald did not notice the approach of the freighter, as they should have. All Navy ships have Radar to detect approaching shipping, but nobody apparently noticed, apparently, somebody was asleep on duty. Many heads will roll on both sides over this collision. Or should.

THAT'S WHAT RACISTS DO: I'm constantly seeing news of new things liberals are designating as “racist,” so they can call people who are NOT racists, racists. One of the latest is their assertion that BEING white is racist, which is absurd, because being white does NOT make you a racist, automatically. They've got me listed as a racist in many liberal places, because I simply tell the TRUTH about what some black people do—such as the FACT that most of the shooters in Chicago are black. Constantly worrying about whether someone is black or white IS racist. That's what racists DO. I do NOT.

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