Friday, July 28, 2017

Licenses or Unlicensed?

The anti-gun fools make a big thing out of whether gun laws reduce gun crime. They do NOT. They cause it to INCREASE, by disarming honest, law-abiding people, leaving them at the mercy of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They try and convince the world that when gun laws are loosened, gun crime rises. It does NOT. In Missouri, they loosened the gun crime laws and crime rose 20%. this, the anti-gun fools blamed on those now loosened gun laws, forgetting entirely, other factors, such as increased gang membership, fueled by “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric.

HER ONLY ANSWER: Maxine Waters has only one answer to every criticism: “It's RACIST!” She thinks the white world is racist, but she is proving that SHE is the worst racist around. Waters represents a very poor district, but lives in a multi-million dollar home OUTSIDE her district, and Tucker Carlson (Fox News) wondered how she could afford a $4.6 million dollar home on just a lawmaker's salary. She has been in elective office for 40 years, but is now one of the richest in people in Congress. It seems that she feels her ONLY job in DC is to say nasty things about Donald Trump. She does it every other day, usually based on NOTHING.

THEY DON'T LIKE IT: In Baltimore, they have one of the worst “gun crime” problems in the nation, and a new anti-gun crime law came up that they don't like. It actually PUNISHED CRIMINALS when they used a gun in the commission of a crime. They have no problem taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, but they don't like punishing criminals who use a gun to commit a crime. The law they don't like there (but which conservatives DO like) adds time to the sentences of criminals who use a gun to commit their crimes. So apparently, they like gun-wielding criminals more than they like law-abiding people with guns.

LET TRANNIES SERVE: If they want to put their lives on the line too, fine. But don't pay for their operations. The military is having enough trouble just paying it's own bills, after Obama gutted it in his budgets, and it doesn't need to take on extra UNNECESSARY expenses. Of course, liberals will call THAT “bigotry” or “racism,” but they're stupid. They scream bigotry or racism every time we do something they don't like. Bigotry is being against someone with something he can't change. Transgenderism is a CHOICE. A misguided choice, to be sure, but a choice, nonetheless.

IGNORANT POLITICIANS: In Baltimore, a mayoral candidate wants to DISARM the cops. He says, “There are other options for them to use, including pepper spray (which only works some times) and batons (which works IF you can get close enough without getting SHOT by a criminal's ILLEGAL gun. Such political ignorance should get such a politician ERASED from the political scene. He/she should NEVER be allowed CLOSE to a law-making body with a vote. Ignorant politicians like this completely forget that disarming the cops does NOT disarm the crooks—and the cops need PARITY with the armed crooks, as do other citizens.

MODERATES: WHAT A LOAD! Liberals insist on referring to themselves as “moderates.” That's a big load of steaming, stinky bull dung! They want everybody to THINK they're “moderates,” but what they are is left-leaning liberals. In the Dumocrat Party, there ARE no “moderates.” Only socialists. Only people who want to give UNEARNED goodies to those who will not earn for themselves. I get so sick of people who should know better accepting the “moderate” label. As Rush says, “middle of the roaders” get run over.

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