Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Searching for Racism

That liberal-minded people search constantly for things they can classify as racism is obvious. In baseball. A “K” is used to indicate a strike. Now one liberal is demanding they eliminate the “K” to indicate strikes, because the three”Ks” (indicating 3 strikes) looks like the Ku Klux Klan. That the racism is only in her mind is obvious. As a liberal, she searches daily for anything she can twist into racism, so she jumped on this—and the baseball “powers that be” will probably surrender and eliminate the “Ks.”

DELUDING THEMSELVES: Dumocrats are now searching around for possible successors to Minority Leader (formerly MAJORITY Leader) Nancy Peelosi, who presided over the loss of 1,000 Democrat elective offices nationwide, plus losing all three houses in the government. The GOP likes her so much, they're saying that she should NOT retire, because she's such a good target. Dumocrats lost FOUR elections they again thought were “shoo-ins” in traditionally GOP districts. By all measures, she's an abject failure. But liberals LOVE failures, so she's still in place and probably will be for some time.

OBAMA DID NOTHING: He found out in August before the 2016 election that the Russians were meddling in our election process—NOT that they were “colluding” with Trump or any of his people, just that they were messing around, trying to subvert our election process—and did NOTHING. Why did he do nothing? Because he thought they were trying to help Hillary, and he didn't want to stop that, They logically thought Russia would WANT Hillary as president (one of the liberals' few logical moments), since she was as much of a socialist as Obama was, and they'd love having another socialist as president.

NANCY'S THE PROBLEM: The Dumocrats keep electing Nancy Peelosi as their “leader” in the House, while she is the major reason why they have lost several presidential elections in a row, and MANY state and local elections, too. They picked special elections they expected to win in FOUR states, saying their wins there would show us how unpopular Trump was—one small problem—they LOST those elections and now, many Dumocrats want to dispense with Nancy. Good thinking, but probably won't happen. Most Dumcrats are too stupid.

SOLUTION: MORE GUN LAWS: A man was attacked by a racist black woman with a HAMMER. So what's the “solution” demanded? More anti-gun fool laws. Anti-gun fools will use ANYTHING in their quest to disarm ALL Americans, and make them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. They'll deny it to their dying day, but it is obvious that they don't want to “stop gun violence,” they want to make Americans DEFENSELESS, and make it easier for bad guys to victimize us.

STARBUCKS WILL REGRET IT: Starbucks have pledged to hire 10,000 Muslims to work in their coffee stores. Bad idea. Muslims have shown themselves to be bad employees, for anybody. I remember the bunch of Muslims who hired on to haul BEER, and then refused to do their jobs because it involved going against their religion, which bans alcohol for them. The fact that they knew that going in doesn't seem to matter. And the stories about Muslims suing their employers for things they KNEW were part of the job are rife—and they're collecting BIG paydays from liberal judges. And they will want to pray five times a day, right in the way of their customers—and will sue if they are not allowed to do it.

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