Friday, July 14, 2017

"Rookie Mistake"

That's what Donald Trump, Jr. calls his meeting with that Russian lawyer to get (he thought) a little bit of “opposition research.” Yes, it should not have happened, but it does NOT rise to the level of “treason,” as some Dumocrats are saying, and does NOT constitute “collusion” with the Russians. Dumocrats are building this into a mountain when it is a molehill, desperately trying to make this that elusive “evidence” of collusion by Trump people with the Russians to get him elected. Nice try, but no cigar, people.

SEARCHING FOR CRITICISM: Self-identified liberal Joan Walsh (MSNBC) criticized Ivanka Trump's choice of a dress when she “sat in” for her father in a meeting while he attended to other important business. She called the dress “girly.” So the hell WHAT? She IS a girl. Liberals are searching HARD for things to criticize regarding Trump, his family, or his associates and friends. If this is all they can come up with, they're in big trouble. Every time they criticize something like this, they make FOOLS of themselves.

IT'S ALL OVER! That's what the liberal media wants us to think, now that a Dumocrat has started articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing “high crimes and misdemeanors.” I don't know what he has cited, but I don't think they ARE “high crimes and misdemeanors.” They're “whistling past the graveyard” and 'throwing crap up against the wall, hoping it will stick.” And he's got the liberal media pissing in their boots, hoping. I can't count the number of articles of impeachment that have been filed against various presidents that have come to nothing.

WISHFUL THINKING: Dumocrats everywhere are ecstatic. A Dumocrat has filed “articles of impeachment” against Donald Trump. Hoopa hoopa! I wonder how many times an opposition party has conned one of their members into filing articles of impeachment against the opposition party standard bearer? And how many times has it come to anything? ONCE in recent years, and because of proven LYING by a president—and they STILL couldn't remove him from office. Do they really think they are gonna succeed this time?

GUN CONTROL IS RACIST”: That's what a writer at Salon thinks, anyway. She talks about Trump's “heavy handed” enforcement of gun laws, which is completely non-existent. She compared gun violence reports to the old “red line” policies of the past (80 years ago), and found similarities. Thus, she determined that gun control was racist. I really get tired of liberals always coming out with new things that are “racist,” based on the thinnest “evidence” possible, and which stretch the definition of racism to the limit.

TAX CUTS FOR RICH: Liberals, when they want to con people out of more money, they start talking about passing a new tax on the rich. They spread the bulldung that “the rich” got that way by “stealing from the poor.” Tell me—how do you steal from people who HAVE nothing, and by so doing, become rich? It doesn't make sense. But then, nothing said or done by liberals make sense to intelligent people. The richer these people become, the more jobs for the rest of us they create, making the economy ever better. I get really tired of that old liberal refrain any time there is a reduction in taxes, that “most of it goes to the rich.” Yep, it does. And they are entitled, because they put more into the economy than anybody else. A 10% tax for ALL of us results in more money for the rich than it does for, say, me, since they put a lot more into it than I did—and that's only right.

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