Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Democrats and Bipartisanship

The Democrats talk a lot about “bipartisanship” since they lost the election and, with it, their power in DC. They NEVER talked about bipartisanship when THEY were in the majority, because that would allow the Republicans to have PART of their own way. NOW they want “bipartisanship” so they can “worm their way into” the decision-making in DC without having a majority. When they were on top, they never ALLOWED any “bipartisanship.” It was “their way or the highway.”

HEAT FOR A TWEET”: Seems like every day Trump gets “heat for a Tweet.” Now they're whining about Trump's comment about Mika Brzezinsky's face bleeding being “beneath the dignity of a president.” Of course, they never mentioned some of the low comments that were made by then President Clinton, or Obama. They can say anything, and it's okay with the liberal media. What about that Dumocrat ad showing a Republican leader "pushing Granny off a cliff?" Maybe one day they'll learn that all they're doing is calling more attention to his Tweets. If they'd just shut up about it, it'd maybe go away. He's GONNA Tweet. They can't stop it, so they should just “get used to it” and quit amplifying the effect of his Tweets.

BENEATH THE DIGNITY”: Liberals all over, and even a few Republicans are saying Trump's Tweets lambasting the “Morning Joe” duo are “beneath the dignity of the office.” What about that duo's comments about Trump's sanity and calling him a “thug?” Is that “beneath the dignity of a TV show host?” Was the clearly nasty lies Clinton told about his special counsel “beneath a president's dignity? It is beneath their dignity for all Dumocrats who say (without proof of anything) that Trump's health care bill will “kill millions of people?” While Obama's health care law already HAS.

FUTILE PRESIDENTIAL RUNS: There are many people telling us they are planning to run for president against Trump in the next election. They include Eric Holder and and Mark Zukerberg. I think the DNC is grooming Chelsea Clinton for a run, too. Boy, these people are certainly good at deluding themselves! They really think running those people against Trump will “strike terror into Trump's heart.” Actually, if they want to waste more of the money their gullible supporters send them, it's okay with me, and I'm sure it is with Trump, too. These people don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating him. And they don't even know what FOOLS they're making of themselves.

BERNIE SEZ, “IT'S POLITICAL”: Bernie Sanders says the bank fraud allegations against his wife are just “political backlash.” wait....isn't that what ALL politicians say when they get accused of a crime? Sometimes it's even true. He says his wife made that college better, but they're now in bankruptcy because of the DEBT she incurred in their name by inflating the “donations” she expected to use to pay it off. Of course, the “investigation” will probably come to nothing. They ARE Dumocrats, you know. And. Guilty or not, they never do get convicted of anything, as a rule. And even if they do, they're still treated as heroes.

COMEY LIES, IT BACKFIRES: Comey told the “Gang of Eight,” which included Sen. Schumer, that Trump was NOT under investigation. But Schumer continued to LIE and say he was. He even used the spectre of that investigation to suggest that Trump should not appoint a Supreme Court judge to a lifetime appointment while he, himself, was “under a cloud.” Comey repeated the lie in public, even though he had told the “gang of eight” it WAS a lie, and so he got fired. Backfire city.

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