Monday, July 3, 2017

I'm Back!

LIKE A STRADIVARIUS” Rush Limbaugh says Trump “Is having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have” with the liberal media—which also means the liberals in general. He's “playing them like a fiddle.” His latest ploy is finally answering their questions about “are there any tapes of Comey?” He now says, “I didn't make any, but there still might be some.” and the media is having kittens, as he knew they would. I'm sure he's laughing like hell over their predictable response.

BUT NOT FOR THEE”: Congress is saying, “Guns for we, but not for thee.” There is a movement in Congress to allow members of Congress to be armed, after the shooting of Rep, Scalise. Members of Congress have begun to realize the fact that they are sorely threatened, and have no means to defend themselves. Rep. Mo Brooks says, “’Right now when we’re in Washington, D.C., once we’re off the complex … we’re still high-profile targets, but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, D.C.’s rather restrictive gun laws,’ Brooks, R-Ala., told Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’” And he's right. The same rights should be recognized for all of us, but they're not.

COMEY THE LEAKER: Comey SAYS he was never the source of leaks while he was the FBI Director, but he was. He was constantly telling his friend, Benjamin Wittes, editor of the blog, Lawfare and former editorial writer for the Washington Post what was said in his meetings with President Trump. This was before and after he was fired. He told Wittes, of course, HIS version of events, and subsequent events make his version very suspect. As much of a blabbermouth as he was, there's no telling how many other people he blabbed to. And most of it lately is simply “sour grapes” over being fired.

TAX THE RICH! That seems to be the same refrain the liberals (most of whom are rich) have been singing for a long time. Every bad thing that happens is blamed on the rich. Every tax break FOR EVERYBODY is painted as a “tax break for the rich,” as if the rich weren't the very people who keep us from being as poor as are some countries. In England, now they want to “confiscate the homes of the rich” to house the victims of that high-rise tower—as if they were responsible, and should be punished In reality, it was the “green regulations” forced upon the owners by the left that were responsible.

THEY OUGHTA READ IT: A cartoon by Gary Varvel in the Indianapolis News makes a good point. Maybe Dumocrats ought to READ the GOP health care bill before telling us all about how bad it is. It's like one Dumocrat honestly says, “It doesn't matter what's in it, it was put forth by Republicans!” That was his answer as to why he opposed certain bills in congress, specifically Trump's attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. Dumocrats were telling us how bad the bill was within SECONDS after it was released—before it could have POSSIBLY been read.

JEH JOHNSON CONFIRMS IT: The Russians DID attempt to break into the American election system, but not to benefit Trump, as the Dumocrats keep saying, in spite of NO EVIDENCE to back them up. But logic would tell anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE that there is NO WAY the Russians would WANT Trump to be president. But they WOULD have reason to wish Hillary had won, because she is a SOCIALIST, which is something they like. They would LOVE to have another socialist running the U. S. government, as we did have for the eight years of the last administration.

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