Tuesday, July 18, 2017

They Want WHAT?

The House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans, and now they want the American taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment surgery” for “military men.” WHAT? They're CONSERVATIVES, and that's a LIBERAL jerkwater thing! Why the hell would they want that? Damn! This is a good example of acting one way to get elected, then betraying their constituency, which does NOT want to spend money on such ignorant, and UNIMPORTANT things as “gender reassignment surgery.” There are few LESS important things to spend other people's money on than that.

NOT RUSSIAN COLLUSION: The liberal media wants you to think that Trump Jr's meeting with a RUSSIAN lawyer is proof of the “Russian collusion” pipe dream. What they don't tell you is that she was only IN the United States by “special parole” given her by the Obama administration and has close connections to the origin of a PROVEN anti-Trump hoax in the past (the prostitute peeing on a bed hoax). It was a Dumocrat set-up, planned and orchestrated by Barack Obama. That's a fact they will never admit.

THE BLACK KKK: There is one main outfit CREATING a new brand of racism. The “Black Lives Matter” movement. What they're promoting is white against black racism, and they're getting a lot of response from blacks who are still smarting from PAST treatment by white against black racists, most of the practitioners of which don't even exist any more. They're also promoting hatred of cops, completely forgetting that if cops didn't exist, they would be in danger as much as the rest of us. The only thing standing in the way of mass murder and unopposed crime is the cops. But they're too ignorant to figure that out for themselves. Or they plan on BEING the criminals and want no opposition.

LIBERALS ARE AMAZINGLY STUPID! They tell us amazingly stupid things and expect us to believe them. They're also racist. They are constantly thinking of ways to bring race into the political discourse. That's an amazing combination, and there is a group of people (Dumocrats) who DO sadly believe them—and they vote. Now they're telling us (again) that “Republicans want to repeal Obamacare only because Obama Is black.” Never mind the fact that Obamacare is a miserable mess and they PROMISED to repeal it to get elected. They attribute ANYTHING they don't agree with to being racist. Dumocrats spend most of their days (and nights) thinking about race—and that's what RACISTS do.

JUST TOO SUSPICIOUS: I've made mention several times about the long list of people who are about to, or have revealed something the Clintons didn't want known turning up dead in suspicious circumstances. And I've heard of THREE instances of that in just the last couple of days. The latest is the Haiti official who “exposed” the Clinton Foundation turning up dead. This is beginning to enter the realm of something happening too often to ignore. What I want to know is, is ANYBODY going to investigate this? Or are they too afraid of becoming the next “suicide?”

MAKING A BIG THING: Dumocrats are making a big thing out of Trump's low poll numbers, mostly engineered by them. But what they're mostly hiding from you are Hillary's poll numbers, which are lower than his—without their help. But, in spite of their best efforts, word has come out, that Hillary's numbers are worse than Trump's. Which is no surprise to those of us who know what's up out there. She claims to have won the “popular vote,” but fails to mention that ALL the votes she got more than Trump came from liberal “strongholds,” such as California, where millions of illegal aliens were allowed to vote.

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