Friday, July 7, 2017

March for Impeachment

Liberals (Dumocrats) have failed every time in every effort to get rid of Trump, so now they're taking a new tack: “Impeachment Marches.” They actually think a bunch of fools “marching” will get Trump impeached. Sad. What they seem not to know is that certain things are REQUIRED to happen before a president can be impeached, and that's what has defeated their previous efforts. They're “throwing everything against the wall” in hopes SOMETHING will stick. This is one more thing, and it's not going to stick, either.

SURPRISE. SURPRISE! All of 24 Dumocrats support a bill to remove Trump for mental incapacity. There's only one small problem—there is not a single bit of evidence to support such a notion. They've thrown everything else up against the wall without any success. Of course, that hasn't stopped their continuing narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians, looking for evidence of which they have spent MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer money, while finding NOTHING, which is just what they will find when they look for evidence that Trump doesn't have all his marbles.

NO SENSE OF HUMOR” Dumocrats have NO sense of humor. President Trump decided to have a joke at the expense of CNN, and published a Tweet showing him throwing a man down and punching the man, who had a CNN square for a head. Dumocrats, and other liberals predictably had a kitten, saying, “It's a sad day when the president of the United States threatens reporters with violence.” (Doing that is something onoly THEY have a right to do, according to them) But that's not what he was doing, at all, but they're too dumb to realize it. Meanwhile, reporters are not in the hospital after being shot by a liberal Republican hater. Republicans are.

WE'RE TOO PATRIOTIC”: That's what FORMER President Obama thinks, and he took the opportunity of a July Fourth speech to tell us that. But, as usual. This fool is WRONG. You CANNOT be “too patriotic,” unless you're NOT patriotic, which he obviously is. He proved it time after time while he was president, by approving policies that were clearly AGAINST America's best interests. We are well rid of him—at least in a position to CREATE such policies. Now all he can do is carp and whine about Trump's policies.

STAY AWAY FROM CHICAGO! If you want to stay alive, that is. Thugs killed 15 people and wounded a total of 101 people (and counting), just over the July Fourth weekend. In spite of all their very tight “gun laws.” What has to happen for the anti-gun fools in Chicago to learn their lesson? That all their silly laws not only do NOT stop, or even slow down the fool gang members killing one another and others? Telling them this is like throwing a glass of water into a lake. It just “doesn't compute.” They're not intelligent enough to “tumble” to that fact.

WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Liberals have been getting their way in a lot of ways lately. They now have same sex marriage, MEN in women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they “think” they are women, today, and in other ludicrous ways have scammed the American people. Now they have the first baby born without sex noted on their birth certificate. What their purpose is, outside of “flexing their muscles,” I don't know. I do know their ideas are ludicrous and, no matter how much they protest, are NOT “mainstream.” They want us to think they are “mainstream,” and we are “on the fringe,” but, in reality, it is the LIBERALS who are “way out there.”

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