Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mueller Should Be Fired

The entire “investigation” (witch hunt) in which he is involved is a farce. Special Counsels are appointed to investigate a CRIME. An EXISTING crime. There IS no crime, here, only imaginary political considerations. When he started hiring so many “anti-Trumpers” to staff his “investigation,” he inadvertently revealed his BIAS. And when DUMOCRATS started praising him, that “capped it” for me. If they like him, I DON'T. His whole thing is a witch hunt, and should be stopped, before he spends even more millions of OUR money searching for what is NOT there.

DEMOCRAT SOCIALISM: “National Socialism and Dumocrat Socialism are the same thing. Any differences there are are only cosmetic. It is the same thing that was foisted upon the Germans before World War II. It's other name is Naziism. Adolph Hitler was it's spokesman and “strong man.” It is MARXISM repackaged. I don't know what makes people who push this abomination tick, but it seems like they're everywhere. Socialism appeals to people who simply want to live at someone else's expense, and no one else. But they have loud voices.

NOTHING BUT GOOD: President Trump has done nothing but good for the United States since he was elected, in spite of what liberals say. Liberals (Dumocrats) hate that, because it makes them look like the FOOLS they are, and always have been. They just don't understand why Trump was elected over their highly-touted candidate who didn't seem to be able to tell us why we should elect her, except that she wasn't Donald Trump, and that she was a female. She seemed to think that was all that was needed for her to score a landslide victory. She did not even visit states she thought, in her misplaced overconfidence, that were “in the bag.”they were NOT.

SESSIONS' GOOD DECISION: President Trump is mad at Jeff Sessions because he recused himself from the “Russian collusion” witch hunt. I don't think Trump has thought it through. Sessions must have seen that this “investigation” was useless, insipid, and a big time and money waster and wanted no part of it. It doesn't NEED his input to fail. They have been searching for “evidence” of his collusion with the Russians ever since he was elected, and have found NONE. And they won't, unless some is MANUFACTURED, because there ISN'T any.

MAXINE WATERS FOR PRESIDENT: I think Maxine Waters ought to go ahead and run for president, as she has “threatened” to do. If she does, that will END her political career, forever, as she finds out the truth that she couldn't be elected DOGCATCHER outside her own liberal fool district. Then maybe we wouldn't be forced to hear her braying against Trump every other day, since then nobody would give her a microphone. I, for one, will be relieved if that happens. My blood pressure rises every time I see her ugly pan on TV because I KNOW without hearing it what crap she will spout.

WEENIE JUDGES: One of the reasons gun crime is so prevalent in Chicago is the judges. They just aren't serious when it comes to convictions on gun crimes. It seems that only 30% of cases where the judge decides guilt or innocence and the sentence on a gun crime, the offender gets off easy or the gun charge is just dismissed. This will not work, if they want to ever reduce the instances of gun crime in Chicago. To do so, the penalty for using a gun in a crime must be “draconian.” If the gun charges are reduced, or just eliminated, criminals have no reason NOT to use a gun in committing their crimes.

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