Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Congress Voting to Vote

It amazes me the gyrations the Congress goes through to actually get to a vote on anything. Today, they're going to vote on whether or not to bring the president's health care bill to an actual VOTE. Why the hell do they need to do that? Why don't they just vote on the BILL? I think it's just a way to delay actually having their votes for, or against the bill on record.

ALGORE'S NEW LIE: Algore lied through his teeth to become a billionaire, playing to the ignorance of SOME of the American public with his global warming/climate change swindle. He wrote a “book of lies” and produced a movie that was the same. Now he's reviving his swindle with more lies. And there are way too many people who “pay no attention to politics” who will believe his lies. He CLAIMS that a MAJORITY of climate scientists agree with him, but THAT'S a lie. Even if it were true, it wouldn't matter. Science is NOT a matter of a majority vote. What IS is, and global warming/climate change is NOT.

SUPPORTING THE BIG LIE: Supporters of Obamacare are running ads all over the place saying that Trump's health care law, if passed, will take away health care insurance from millions of people. But the only health care “insurance” these millions have is what they were FORCED to buy, at the point of a gun. And if you don't believe that gun part, just TRY not to buy his insurance and refuse to pay the fine. Fact is, Obamacare has KILLED a lot of people and left others UNABLE to afford his “insurance.”

THE BIGGEST “HATE GROUP”: The biggest hate group in the United states at the moment is the Dumocrat Party. They just can't accept the fact that they LOST the 2016 election due to an incompetent, ineffective Dumocrat candidate who ran a completely ineffective campaign. Ever since, they have OPPOSED everything he has proposed, and tried everything they can think of to hamstring Trump. They say if he fires Sessions OR Mueller, it will cause a “constitutional crisis” that rises to the level of impeachment—which is another LIE.

SAVING HIS BUTT”: Dumocrats say the biggest reason Trump is displeased with AG Jeff Sessions recusing himself is that he was “counting on him to save his butt” in the “Russian collusion investigation.” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! He doesn't NEED to have his butt protected from an “investigation” in an IMAGINARY scandal that has NO EVIDENCE to support it. The whole “Russian thing” was INVENTED by the Dumocrats in their effort to make it LOOK like Trump is an illegitimate president.

DUMOCRAT'S “BETTER DEAL”: I listened the other day to Schumer detailing all the giveaways of other people's money they plan, and what they CALL a “Better Deal.” which is just the old “New Deal,” gussied up a bit to make it look good to those who want a “free ride.” And since it is those people Dumocrats depend on to remain in power, it just MIGHT work. Everything I heard in that infamous speech was socialism personified. I still think they should change the name of their party to “The Socialist Party.”

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