Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What Did We Do?

What did we do to make the Muslims so angry? That's the question being asked in DC all the time. The idea that we did NOTHING to “make them angry” is rejected out of hand by the Washington liberals. But the answer is simple. We didn't “convert” to their “religion.” They don't approve of ANY religion except Islam, and have no wish to accept the fact that other religions are as good (or better) than theirs. OR have the right to exist. They're willing to KILL to intimidate people into converting to their stupid “religion.” Or to keep those who were intimidated into "converting from "converting OUT.."A religion that has child RAPE as a “cultural thing.” And virtually enslaving women as another “cultural thing.”

TOO MANY GULLIBLE VOTERS: Too many people don't care about anything else but their “freebies.” They will vote MICKEY MOUSE into office to keep them coming. And that's what those “freebie hunters” will try to do as they pack Bernie's meetings with cheering, adoring FOOLS. They don't care that if Bernie (OR Hillary, for that matter) get elected, we will descend into the dumpheap of yet another fool socialist nation that will INEVITABLY collapse, as did the Soviet Union and other socialist governments.

STORY OF THREE STATES: The anti-gun governor of New Hampshire, originally from New York, and now living in Massachusetts, wants to run for the Senate (from what state, I don't know). She's one of the 1% rich, whom Democrats always denigrate. But somehow they stay away from her. She's REALLY one of the “elite.” and she HATES guns (except for those in the hands of her people, of course). I'm sure she, like other anti-gun politicians, runs around encircled by ARMED SECURITY. She doesn't have to carry her own gun. She can HIRE people to do that, for her. She's a hypocrite, but that doesn't bother Democrats. Things like that just “don't matter” to her. Apparently, she's one of those people like Hillary, to whom the laws and rules just “don't apply.” Little things like LIVING in the state of which you're the governor, or the Second Amendment don't matter.

WHY WON'T APPLE HELP? The feds are demanding software to create a “back door” into ALL iPhones so they can break into the iPhone owned by some (2) terrorists. Of course, they don't need that, because Apple can change the password without giving them that much spying power over ALL of us. But they don't want that. They want to be able to get into ANY iPhone, at will. And Apple objects to their “power play.” The courts don't have the power to ORDER a private company to violate constitutional freedoms. Maybe if Apple TRUSTED this government not to use that power to further spy on EVERYBODY, they might be more amenable.

HYPOCRITES AND FOOLS”: Bernie says, “We look like hypocrites and fools for keeping GITMO open.” What kind of a damned fool is HE? We look like damned fools to CLOSE it while the war continues (And it IS a war, no matter what Obama says). Everybody we let out of there becomes yet another fool out to kill us, and who goes back home to do just that. Or stays her and does it. We're FOOLS to allow it, but try and tell that to that FOOL in the White House. I still think Obama is a “closet Muslim extremist” and WANTS them to win. So jail me!

DYING IN THE STREETS: Trump repeated the words, “dying in the streets” more that FIVE TIMES in one interview the other day, saying he “doesn't want people dying in the streets.” But NOBODY'S “dying in the streets,” except those victims of liberal policies. Obviously, Trump has “bought” that crap the liberals are putting out. Nobody has EVER “died in the streets” from a REPUBLICAN policy.

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