Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ISIS's New Tank

I laughed so hard I almost had a stroke when I saw the new “tank” they built out of WOOD, which had a DRAINPIPE pretending to be a gun barrel, with a cork in it, and running on WHEELS, not tracks. Way to “strike fear into the hearts of your enemies", guys. They also claim to have a “locally designed and built AIRPLANE, which is probably an Eagle with a .45 strapped to it, controlled by a radio controlled airplane control. And they're trying to fight countries with MANY real tanks and jets with such foolishness.. The only reason these fools are making any progress at all is because their biggest enemy, America has a “limp-wristed” president who won't fight them effectively.

IS IT GLOBAL WARMING?” Something else to blame on global warming. Punxutawney Phil didn't see his shadow, so we can hope there won't be six more weeks of winter. Gotta be global warming!  Boy, are these fools “clutching at straws!” Anything to try and think global warming (under whatever name) is true, when it ISN'T. The global warming “religion” DEPENDS on gullible people who would accept such things for it's very LIFE. The whole swindle is based on the idea that a ONE PERCENT DROP in temperature in 100 years (when none of us will still be alive) is MAN CAUSED, and “could be” a disaster.

CHURCH AND STATE MYTH: The “Separation of Church and State" is a MYTH. It has never been law. It is NOT in the Constitution. See if you can find it. It was only MENTIONED in a LETTER between two of the “Founders,” Religion is only mentioned in one place in the Constitution, where it says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” How that translates into “not a breath of religion in government institutions, especially schools,” is beyond me. It's the usual liberal scam, MISREADING the Constitution to suit themselves, and insisting it's true.

HILLARY WINS 6 COIN TOSSES IN A ROW: Do you know what the chances of that ARE? MILLIONS to one! I think she used a two-headed coin. It gets pretty bad when somebody wins a presidential election on the basis of a coin toss. I don't know how she did it, but with the odds the way they are, I know she did it, somehow. I'm sorry, but that's how the Clintons operate. See to it “the fix is in.” It didn't work against Obama, but he's just a better trickster than they are. Bernie isn't quite as good. He led the polls, but “just missed it by THAT much” in the caucus.

DESTROYING VOTER ID ARGUMENT: t's funny. You need a photo ID at the bank, to rent a video, when you go to a bar, or buy an airline ticket, to buy a pack of smokes, and in some places,to use the crapper, but liberals still think you don't need one to VOTE. We all get ONE VOTE. To not require an ID to prove who we are to keep people from voting more than once is just plain STUPID! But then, we know that about liberals (Democrats). The only reason they don't want ID to be required to vote is because that would make it harder for them to steal elections.

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