Friday, February 26, 2016

Anti-Gun Senator Sentenced

For what? For running guns, that's what! It just shows us how dedicated anti-gun fools are to the “anti-gun religion (sic).” Leland Yee D-CA State), outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment, was caught selling illegal guns to criminals, and sentenced to five years in prison for his trouble. Put that together with Diane Feinstein (another anti-gun Senator) carrying her own gun behind that wall of ARMED men that surrounds her, and you can easily see the hypocrisy. . But hypocrisy doesn't matter to Democrats, which both are. They say what happened before means nothing.

HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! When questioned about the former GITMO detainee that has been found recruiting for the Islamic terrorists, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “He shouldn't be doing that!” Ya think, John? Funny. I'm just an old fud sitting in front of his computer at home and I predicted most of them would go back and kill more people and do other things to help the Islamic terrorists kill more non-believers/. You're secretary of State, a former Senator of many years, and even “served in Vietnam (sic).” Why aren't you smart enough to see it? I've said Washington politicians are INCOMPETENT. You are one of the best examples of that. Hillary is another.

MORE ON KERRY: He denies knowing Hillary was using a private e-mail server. But he sent many e-mails to her at that private address. Kerry is one of the lying “elites” who are destroying this government. That's aside from being incompetent. Obama says it, and Kerry swears to it. Apparently, that applies to anything Hillary says, too. We need to get rid of such fools in DC. They're doing more to destroy this country than is ISIS.

HE MUST WANT HIM TO LOSE: David Duke, former “Grand Wizard” of the KKK, has “endorsed” Donald Trump, saying, “To vote against Trump is treason.” He must really want trump to lose. Surely he must know how much his “endorsement” could hurt ANY candidate, IF accepted.. They call him a “far-right politician” because he managed to con his way into one political office for one term as a Republican, one time. But I'm sure the Republicans were just as mortified as Trump should be.

LEAVE THE COUNTRY? Raven Simone is the second member of the View cast to say she's going to leave the country if Trump, or any other Republican is elected president. Oh, I wish they WOULD! There have been many damned fool liberals to make that threat, and when the object of their hatred gets elected, they never leave. Dammit! I just wish these people would keep their word!

HEALTH CARE A “RIGHT”: Hillary thinks universal health care FREE should be a “human right,” not a “privilege.”Apparently she doesn't understand the word, “right.” Is it a right to force all those doctors, nurses, and other medical workers to work for NOTHING? That's the only way that can be a “right,” by taking their labor from others. That's a typical SOCIALIST wish. To see that she IS a socialist, you have only to listen to the words that come out of her mouth. It's not a “right” if you have to take it from others, first.

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