Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Democrat Fishwife

I listened to both Democrat candidates agree that Obama should nominate his own candidate for Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia, who died “in his sleep” yesterday. The sound of Bernie's voice was, as usual, disgusting enough, but Hillary's was reminiscent of a “fishwife” screeching at her errant husband. She just couldn't resist screeching out her agreement that Obama should take advantage of yet another chance to screw up America for a few more decades, until HE/SHE dies.

ESTABLISHMENT POLITICS”: Bernie hollers, :"Americans are sick and tired of establishment politics and we're going to change that.” What he doesn't mention is that his party is responsible for ALL the “establishment politics” in the last 50 or more years. It would be easy to “change all that” if they WOULD. But they won't. If they keep on conning themselves into powerful offices, the “establishment politics" (trenslation: “corruption”)” will continue apace. Democrats always cry about what they, themselves have created, while ignoring that fact, altogether and blaming it on the Republicans.

OBAMA RUSHING TO NOMINATE: Within SECONDS after Justice Scalia's death, the skirmishing began to RUSH into nominating a liberal successor, so as to guarantee that, for decades to come, most “Supreme Court decisions” will fall on the liberal side. Obama has promised to nominate his liberal candidate “in due course,” and he “expected Congress to act swiftly” on it. Good luck, Obama! The Senate Leader has already said he is “in no hurry” to allow a vote on the measure, and presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, has promised to filibuster the nomination. I hope the GOP doesn't do what they've done recently, and ALLOW the vote, letting Obama have want he wants.

NO MORE SLAVE LABOR GOODS”: The Congress has passed a bill banning the sale of goods produced by “slave labor.” Whoo! Are the communist Chinese gonna be mad! You can't hardly buy ANYTHING at a decent price in this country without somewhere on it being printed “Made in China.” Wal-Mart and Target, and other “big box stores” might have to go out of BUSINESS. That's because American made goods, for the most part, cost more to MAKE than it costs to MAKE them and ship them here, pay all the tariffs and other costs, from overseas. This is not a criticism. It is a suggestion that we should be willing to pay a little more to avoid buying products “made by slave labor.”

INCOME EQUALITY IS A PHONY ISSUE: The Democrats (and even some Republicans) whine about “income equality” all the time. That whole concept is COMMUNIST. (Which is one form of COLLECTIVISM, as is socialism another). It props up those who have made bad choices in their lives and are thus UNABLE to earn as much as those making GOOD choices, and are thus NOT WORTH more money, to support the notion that the government should STEAL some of the money the smart ones make and GIVE it to the dumb ones, UNEARNED.

A GOOD REASON: Obama has said his biggest regret is his INABILITY to take guns away from American citizens and leave them DEFENSELESS against the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists he is importing by the hundreds of thousands, even, in some cases, paying their way! Of course, those are not the words he used, but the ones he DID use say the same thing. He wants to take away our guns, no matter how much he denies it, and there's a good reason why he has consistently FAILED. The American people are AGAINST him on this, and many other things, including his efforts to make this into a SOCIALIST nation.

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