Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who The Hell Cares?

The Pope says Trump is not a Christian because he says he will “build a wall” to keep illegal aliens from sneaking into America. I guess that means the Pope is not a Christian, either, since he lives behind a FIFTY FOOT WALL in the Vatican. Besides, where the hell does he get off imposing himself into an American election? He has no business saying ANYTHING about a candidate for president, or even dog catcher. And being a Christian is NOT a requirement to be president.

CODED RACIST LANGUAGE”: That's how the liberals twist what people say into racism. By saying it's “code” to MEAN racism. They have no business trying to twist what people say to mean racism, but they do, so they can intimate racism in innocent words. Meanwhile, the Democrats are second only to the Muslims in BEING bigots. Their record on racism is UGLY, and always has been. All the former KKK members in Congress have been Democrats. It was Democrats the blacks were demonstrating against when Martin Luther King marched. And it was a Democrat who killed him. Yet they try to impute racism to the GOP. Go figure!

TO CALL SENATE RACIST: Word is that Obama will call the Senate racist if they block his appointment to replace the now deceased Justice. But it “ain't gonna work” this time. We're onto him. We KNOW that every time he gets any opposition on ANYTHING, he whines and cries racism. Forget this “racist bunch” elected him, TWICE. So nobody CARES if he calls the Senate racist for not “rubber stamping” his next ultra-liberal appointment and thus, turning the supreme court into a “rubber stamp” for his abominations.

LIBERAL INSANITY: A guy who was seen “getting naked” in a woman's restroom claims it was “perfectly legal” for him to do so, under the new laws. And he's right. There is NOTHING anybody can do about it. Now they want to change the laws to allow a person to “change his birth certificate” to reflect his/her “perceived sex.” That means a man who “perceives himself” as a woman can change his birth certificate to reflect that. How INSANE is this? This is just ONE of the INSANE “policies” liberals want to institute.

SHE'S LYING NOW: Hillary is telling lies, as usual. Now her biggest lie is that she has “never lied to us.” Nobody except liberal fools (repetitive, that) believe her. She must think just because she says it, we'll believe it. NOBODY who pays attention to what's going on does. Except for her husband and Barack Obama, she's the biggest liar going. If she thinks we'll believe she's not, she's deluded. But we know she IS deluded, so we expect it of her.

DEFINITION OF INSANITY: There are many definitions of insanity, but the best known is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” That's something the liberal Democrats (and even some Republicans) do all the time. But yet another definition of insanity has come to the fore: “Raising tax rates and expecting to collect more money from taxpayers.” That has been proven to be wrong many times, in practice. But liberals still think simply raising taxes will get them more money, which has been proven wrong so many times it's INSANITY to expect anything different than a REDUCTION in collections, as people take steps to reduce their tax liability.

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