Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A LOAD of Horse Manure

Fareed Zakaria, of CNN, says the “Democrats are the responsible party of governance, while the GOP is 'the outlandish' party.” I'm not surprised to learn he is both a liberal AND a Muslim, though he describes himself as a “non-practicing Muslim (is there such a thing?) Of course, all the employers listed on his resume are liberal outfits, which are the only ones that would hire this “flaming liberal.” He is the epitome of the liberal activist PRETENDING to be “neutral.”

WHO PAID THE BILLS? The Washington Post is questioning the “ethics” of Scalia's “hunting trip” where he died. They're asking “who paid the bills?” and other things like “what kinds of perks can a Justice accept, considering how wide the cases he hears are?” Of course, they never ask such questions about Obama's many golf vacations” all over the world, using “Air Force One,” which uses a LOT of fuel, at GOVERNMENT expense, paying the salaries of all those Secret Service agents and other staffers who always go with him. It is SAID that he pays some of it back, but has anybody seen PROOF of this? I never have. Meanwhile, he still gets paid while he's swatting a golf ball around in Fiji, at our expense.

TYPICAL STUPID DEMOCRAT: Mayor Svante Myrick, of Ithica, NY wants to allow addicts to “shoot up” in a “hospital setting” where they can be safe, instead of a back alley or a restroom booth, legally. He's an ex addict, himself, and knows what those addicts face, he says. Seems to me an ex heroin addict ought to be smarter than to want to HELP heroin addicts kill themselves. Slowly, but a bit more quickly than before. He wants them to live long enough to die from heroin use. Myrick is a Democrat, of course, in New York.

CLOSING GITMO: Obama still wants to close GITMO. His reasons are a mystery. The inmates there are “prisoners of war,” even if he doesn't recognize that it IS a war. You keep such people in a prison for the DURATION of the war to keep them off ff the battlefield, so you can deplete somewhat, the number of fools killing your people. Liberals are “hoist on their own petard” by refusing to accept the fact that we ARE at war—not with a religion, but with fools who think not believing the same way they do merits a death sentence. What fools we have running things in this country! The only other proper thing we could do with these people is a firing squad. That would eliminate the problem. Make Islamic terrorism a crime punishable by death, and it's legal to kill them.

WHICH ONE'S BETTER? Bernie or Trump? That's the question we're faced with. People (some of them, anyway) say Trump is unacceptable as president. I say BERNIE is unacceptable. If he's elected, he will finish the job of making this into a socialist nation. So will Hillary, but she won't admit it. At least Bernie is HONEST about being a socialist. Hillary recently told an interviewer she has always TRIED to tell the truth, and will continue to do so. She LIED when she said that, but she expects us to believe that horse manure.

RESTRAINING ORDERS NO GOOD: All they do is make life more difficult for those they're against, true or not. To those who just want to hurt you, they're "just a piece of paper." Yet they're handed out like candy. A woman in Tulsa had one against her abusive ex-boyfriend, but had so shoot and kill him when he climbed in her back window and attacked her. Restraining orders don't work. Bullets do.

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