Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to Business

For the last week or so, I've been suffering from a very painful eye infection. One that prevented me from opening my right eye, and made what I COULD see from my left eye out of focus, causing pain when I tried. That made it impossible to type on this computer. Add a missed follow-up appointment with the eye doctor caused by my son's misreading of the appointment notice (which I was in no shape to correct), and we're still trying to get this episode finished. This was not my son's fault, as I could easily have corrected it. But my eye is well enough now so that I can continue my efforts to make liberals wet their panties, so here goes:
BREAD AND CIRCUSES: Everywhere you look! Mardi Gras! Superbowl! Presidential debates! Primary elections! It's a wonder any of us have any room in our minds for the REAL issues! Does anybody—INCLUDING the politicians—actually pay attention to real politics? They must not. They elected Obama, didn't they? They re-elected Harry Reid and Nancy Peelosi, the major architects of everything that's WRONG in this country. Obama appointed a KNOWN COMMUNIST as one of his “czars” (that bunch of bureaucrats he has no authority to appoint, to do the things they have no authority to do). Of course, America noticed this time, and he lasted only a few days. And the Democrats are running a socialist for president! And he is in danger of being ELECTED!

THEY DON'T PAY ATTENTION: Many people in New Hampshire don't know who they're going to vote for until they get to the voting place. Some don't even know what PARTY they like. These people should not be allowed to vote because they know NOTHING about the candidates. People who don't know enough about what's going on UNTIL they get into the voting booth should not be allowed to vote in their IGNORANCE. Totally IGNORANT voters should NEVER be allowed to vote. They should have to answer simple questions about “which PARTY do you like?” BEFORE they're allowed to ENTER the booth.

ELECTING A SOCIALIST: I've written a lot about how STUPID voters are. Many people don't like me because of that. But it's LOGICAL. People who go into the voting booth not even knowing enough about the PARTY they like are too IGNORANT to vote, based on knowing what the issues are, and how their candidates stand on them. “Not paying attention to politics” should DISQUALIFY them from voting. But that will never happen, because the candidates DEPEND on that to get elected. Especially the DEMOCRATS,. Who have put up TWO socialists (communists) to be president (one admittedly, the other vehemently denying it). That's how Germany got HITLER, and how Russia got COMMUNISM, which held them captive and murdered MILLIONS of them for 75 years. Hitler only murdered a few million and started WWII, getting himself, and many Germans killed. Hitler was a “National Socialist.”

HILLARY: HONEST? C'OME ON! Hillary forces are trying to say Hillary is doing well because she's perceived as “the most honest and trustworthy candidate” running. Urrggg, gurgle, hack! Hee, hee! (CENSORED) Damned if that wasn't the best laugh I ever had! First of all, the very IDEA of Hillary being honest is a lie. Second, the idea that Hillary is “doing well” is ALSO a lie. SECOND PLACE in a two-person place? RIGHT! The only reason she is even NEAR the front is because the front is so CLOSE! The latest Quinnepiac Poll has her rated near the BOTTOM.

KNOW NOTHING VOTERS: I can't believe there are so many IGNORANT voters out there! I just heard about a guy who is having trouble deciding between Bernie and TRUMP! In reality. There is so much difference between the two that anyone considering one would not even CONSIDER the other, if he knew ANYTHING. Trump is a consummate FREE MARKETER. A businessman! Bernie is a SOCIALIST! The two are polar OPPOSITES! To consider one is to OPPOSE the other! To consider both is total IGNORANCE! And these people VOTE!

SOUNDING LIKE HOWARD DEAN: Democrat politician Howard Dean, who told Republicans to “go back to Russia" where they'd be the most comfortable, then SCREAMED his way into obscurity, destroying any chance to be nominated to run for president in the Democrat Party, sounded almost like Trump in his speech declaring himself winner of the New Hampshire Primary. But thank goodness, no scream at the end. So I guess Trump won't eliminate himself in the same way.

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