Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hillary's Clueless

She thinks the reference to “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Constitution, not where it IS, in the Declaration of Independence. Wouldn't you think somebody who wants to be president ought to have a rudimentary knowledge of the Founding Documents? I wouldn't be president, on a bet, and I do. Of course, in a world where members of Congress don't even READ the bills they pass into law, I'm not surprised she is so clueless.

THEY'RE REALLY FRIGHTENED: All the pundits have been wrong for so long, nobody even reads them any more. They've tried everything they could think of to derail Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency. Every time he makes an outlandish statement, they say,”That's it. He's done.” But he wasn't. He “doubled down” and kept on “steaming” onward to his destination. Now reality is setting for most pundits and they realize he just MIGHT be the Republican nominee, after all. Now they're beginning to paint him as a CRIMINAL. One of the latest articles is titled, “Donald Trump,King of Sleaze,” citing dubious “facts” to back themselves up.

MAYBE THEY'RE WAKING UP: But don't hold your breath, unless turning blue appeals to you. There's a New York Times article where they say “Republicans are 'firmly entrenched' against gun control.” Maybe they're finally realizing they are on the “wrong side” of the argument. That DISARMING yourself is NOT the way to self-defense. They ascribe it to them “just being Republicans,” but in reality it is them “recognizing reality,” something Democrats never do. As usual, they're blaming it on “just politics,” which it is NOT.

LYNCH FOR SUPREME COURT? Black Democrats are urging Obama to appoint Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court. It's bad enough that he made her AG, but the guy she replaced was just as bad. She will be a big help to any Democrat president we get after Obama. But Maybe Obama has another idea. There is no legal bar to a president appointing HIMSELF as a Supreme Court Justice. One more mistake the founders made, the other in not prescribing PUNISHMENT for violating the Constitution, in addition to the unconstitutional laws being canceled.

WELL....MAYBE NOT BERNIE: Hillary whupped Bernie by 50 percentage points in S. Carolina. A big surprise, to him. He left the state even before the voting was over. NO “conceding defeat gracefully” for Bernie, that's for sure. Apparently he's a “bad loser.” Maybe voters preferred an UNADMITTED socialist to an ADMITTED one. In any case, it was a big blow for Bernie. If this keeps up, he'll have to go back to the obscurity from whence he came. It won't be another Obama situation where he comes out of nowhere and beats her.

WHY ONLY DEMOCRATS? Every day, it seems, you hear about a liberal (Democrat) whining about “ being offended” by something or other. Why is it only Democrats seem to be “offended” about something all the time? That's because they're crybabies. They figured out at the age of 2 that they could get their way by whining, and they've been whining, ever since. And many Republicans fall for it when they lie on the floor and kick their feet. And give them what they want.


ONE MAN'S OPINION: The former Mexican president says, “We aren't gonna pay for that f-ckin' wall! That's what HE thinks. Trump usually gets what he wants. We owe Mexico a lot of money. All he has to do is stop paying some of it.....In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe (former Democrat Party Chairman) tried to void all “concealed carry" reciprocity with many states. His legislature just passed a law to scotch that, and he signed it....In Zimbabwe they passed the “Cecil Effect” law banning the killing of lions. Now they're overrunning the place. So the government is killing them now....Safe town. Conloy Township, Idaho now has signs at all entrances to their town saying, “This is NOT a gun-free zone.” I'd advise criminals wanting to commit violent crimes to skip this town because chances are, they'll get shot.

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