Monday, February 29, 2016

False "Controversy"

Liberals accuse us of wanting to ban people from entering the United states, based on theirreligion. That's a LOAD of horse manure. We don't give a damn about their “religion,” it's their caring about OUR religion enough to KILL us for not converting to theirs. We are sure there are enough Muslim EXTREMISTS among them who want to kill us, which are impossible to detect, we don't want ANY of them here. Not because of their “religion,” but because of their wanton MURDERING and the impossibility of telling the "good ones" from the bad. That ALL of the murderers HAPPEN to be Muslims means NOTHING to us, except as a means to help identify the killers by reducing the list of possibles.

AS USUAL: Oscar attendees, like most anti-gun fools do, touted their idea of “gun control” while hiding behind an ARMY of armed security. They even had a specially designed piece of jewelry made, resembling the back end of a bullet with the word, “enough” imprinted on it. Meanwhile, a bunch of ARMED men walked around, some holding automatic weapons, others in plain clothes, carrying concealed. They say WE don't need such things, but THEY do.

SCREAMING MEEMIE: Every time I hear Hillary giving a speech, she's screaming like a “fishwife.”. When she isn't screaming, she's WHINING about something or other, or telling the world how much she wants to give away after taking it from those who EARNED it. If there were not MANY REASONS not to vote for her, the thought of having to listen to her scream at us for four (maybe eight) years would make me glad I'm so old that maybe I won't have to listen to her for long.

CONGRESS? FOREGO PAY? That's a laugher! There's a new poll out, saying Congress should balance the budget every year or forego their own pay. I like the idea, but it'll never fly. Why? Because it has to be proposed, AND approved by the very Congress it affects. Congress NEVER makes laws to affect themselves. They don't want to be limited, in any way. That's why they made laws, years ago, to pay themselves for as long as they live after a single term in office.

OUT ON A PROMISE: Obama is releasing some of the most murderous terrorists (who HAPPEN to be Muslims) on the PROMISE that they won't go back to war against us in his desperate attempt to close GITMO before the end of his term. Never mind it is okay to lie to “Infidels” in support of Islam, and they do it regularly. This guy will probably be in the Middle East within a month (or less), killing people of which they don't approve. Every dead body he makes that way would be on Obama's conscience—IF he had one.

ROMNEY TO RUN? There's a rumor going around that Mitt Romney is going to run if Rubio fails to get the Republican nomination. Big whoop! He lost last time he ran, and he'll lose again this time. He's already tried to use the same tax trick on Trump that Democrats used on HIM when he was running, and it will do LESS damage to Trump than the Democrat false claims did to him. If he thinks him running is going to scare somebody, he has another think coming

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