Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Minimum Wage Sucker

The State of Oregon is voting on a measure to raise the minimum wage, and the governor (Kate Brown, Democrat, of course) has signaled her intent to sign iit into law. But it's not your average minimum wage law. It MAXIMIZES it in the city, while MINIMIZING it in rural areas. How this is going to make it more palatable, except to farmers, I don't know. All I do know is it will cause Oregon's economy to soon collapse as it destroys the employment market and causes many businesses, who can't afford to pay that much to unskilled people with NO talents, go out of business.

USING THE RACE CARD: A CNN correspondent says Obama will call anybody who blocks his appointment of another rabid liberal to the Supreme Court racist. Surprise, surprise! That's what Obama calls anybody who opposes ANY of his “flights of fancy,” and it's getting old. Nobody believes him, or his henchmen, any more, when he calls his opposition racist, as if there were no other reasons to oppose this fool. Nobody has been responsible for more racism (black against white) than Obama, after promising electing him would forever END racism in this country. Another of his LIES.

DC: WHERE “THE ONION” IS REAL: You can't make this stuff up. They recently voted in Washington, DC to PAY people for NOT committing crimes. I'd like to qualify for that, but I believe first you have to have COMMITTED a crime, and I haven't, and don't want to. But this is certainly one of the STUPIDEST things liberals have done lately. And that has to be pretty STUPID because they do stupid things, every day..

WHY A SOCIALIST? Democrats are running two well-known SOCIALISTS for president, and they're confident they can win with them. Why? Because they've won with almost  every other socialist they've run in recent years. They just didn't ADMIT they were socialist. The difference now is ONE of them (Bernie) HAS admitted that he is a socialist. While the other ()Hillary) is one of the “old time socialists” who denies it, but reveals it in everything the espouses. They think they can win because the number of fools who only want a “free ride” are nearing a majority, so soon we'll go the way of Russia, which suffered under the yoke of socialism (communism) for 75 years.

IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: A Pittsburgh TV station has run an editorial saying “Obama's appointment to replace Scalia should be given serious consideration.” This completely ignores the fact that if he appoints one of his ”wild-haired liberals,” he will have “stacked the court” and will have TOTAL CONTROL of it for generations to come. He will be able to run his unconstitutional laws through and have them declared constitutional on specious grounds. He will be a DICTATOR and we will go the way of Soviet Russia.

CRYING RACISM: Forget logic. It doesn't matter that this library in Texas wants to stop ALL BLACK groups from BANNING WHITES from their meetings, which IS racist (the NEW racism of blacks against whites). So the “powers that be” want to call THAT racism. Talk about “turning it around!” Now it's racism to STOP racist practices, if the “approved” racist practice is black against white. Damn! Liberals are STUPID!

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