Saturday, February 20, 2016

Exposing Themselves

The “Black Lives Matter” crowd exposes their bias when they object to people responding to their exhortation that “”black lives matter” by saying “ALL lives matter" violently. The only reason they would object to that is if they really want to say “ONLY black lives matter.” To object to that shows their bias in favor of the fools who want to kill cops, black OR white. This is so transparent that intelligent people don't need to have it laid out for them. Only liberals, who aren't too smart, need it.

STOP WRITING ABOUT US”: Racist black personality Kaynye West, who is most famous for his big mouth says, “White people should stop writing about black music!” Okay, we'll be glad to. Then nobody will know about black music and the whole industry will collapse. Is that what you want? Somebody once said, “There is no BAD publicity.” But we can certainly start ignoring black music so it will get NO publicity, at all.

OBAMA: “TRUMP WON'T BE PRESIDENT”: Everybody (except Trump's millions of voters) says, even though he's doing so well in the primaries, he'll never be elected president. It's like a frightened kid “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping the “ghosts and goblins” won't get him. They don't even know what they base that notion on. But I think it's just wishful thinking. Democrats hate him on principle. Republicans hate him because he is “uncontrollable” by the Republican Party leaders. Won't they be surprised when they have to start calling him, “Mr. President.”

BERNIE'S A BUM: Oops, sorry. We don't call them bums today. We lie about them by twisting the language unmercifully to call them something complimentary instead of admitting what they are. Truth is, Bernie didn't have a steady job until he was 40, and some liberal fools elected him mayor of Burlington, VT after a long career of temp jobs in “government service” doing such things as “registering people to get Food Stamps.” He is well known for being broke and not paying his bills. He went to school in Chicago, which is probably where he met Obama, who remembered him as a very malleable socialist and perfect to make the world think Hillary actually (with his help) had some competition.

SAME OL' SAME OL': Bernie is trying that old “change” crap on us again, since it worked so well to con gullible Americans into voting for Obama a couple of terms ago. As usual, Bernie doesn't say what KIND of “change” he's talking about, but those of us who pay attention know what kind of change he means. He wants to move us the rest of the way to socialism by giving away a lot of goodies, paying for them with OUR money. I don't think it'll work this time because we've experienced the “change” liberals promise.

WHAT ARE “LADY PARTS?” Liberals once told women to “vote with your “lady parts.” What the hell does that MEAN? Are they afraid to use the proper words to describe their “lady parts?” If they are, why should ANYBODY listen to them? Of course, they now deny to the death that they ever gave women this advice, so I guess defining “lady parts” is not necessary.

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