Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hillary Won!

She's listed as the second place holder in New Hampshire, but she got TWO more delegates there than Bernie did. If this isn't proof that “the fix is in,” (at least on the Democrat side) I don't know what is. The fix is in, in the RULES under which they operate, with Democrats in all the important positions in the electoral boards. They set the RULES so that Democrats essentially win, in spite of who is declared the winner. I don't know how the Republicans can ever win under such rules, as long as they allow the Democrats to set them. It's like they don't even realize what's going on. And I'm sure they don't. Democrats are incompetent on how to govern. Republicans are incompetent in how to GET elected.

ATTACKING CHURCHES EASY”: That's what one radicalized Detroit Muslim told his readers on social media, “because they are not allowed to carry guns there.” I kid you not! If that isn't a blatant invitation to other radicalized Muslims to go into churches and kill people, I don't know what is. This guy thinks he can get away with “fomenting murder” and won't be prosecuted for this, he's sadly mistaken—in the REAL world. But we aren't living in the “real world” today, so he will get away with it, claiming “freedom of speech,” something he is adamantly AGAINST, except for himself, of course. He told about planning his own shooting at an unidentified church that was scotched by his father, when he found the guns and ammo, and the mask he was going to use, in the trunk of his car.

BLAMING THE COPS: Like all other liberal Democrats, Hillary comes out and blames the cops for doing their jobs, saying, “Black women should not have to worry about white cops killing their sons,” completely ignoring the fact that their sons are out killing the sons of white American women (and men). If they weren't, cops (black and white cops) would  not be killing them, mostly while they (the black kids) are killing other people in the course of their daily “work.” No, I'm not saying that MOST black kids are criminals. I'm merely NOTING that the number of black criminals is significantly higher than that of white people. That's not my opinion, that's FACT.

WHY BERNIE AND AL? What possible good could come from a meeting between the Democrat presidential candidate leader and a “race whore?” And that's what Al Sharpton certainly is: a race whore. He has made himself rich by whipping up phony white against black racism all over the country. Wherever there is a chance to gain some notoriety (and some money) from promoting racism, there he is, pushing racism, whether or not it exists (and it usually doesn't). Meanwhile, he ignores the millions of dollars he owes in back taxes and gets away with it, because liberals all want to “curry favor” with him and the “race crowd.” Bernie, on the other hand, further displays his IGNORANCE by associating with this man, who SHOULD be in PRISON, not associating with presidential candidates, no matter how ignorant. they are.

SHE WALKED IT BACK: Former Sec. Of State Madelyn Albright brashly said, “There is a special place in hell for women who won't support a woman for president,” in her zeal to get Hillary elected. Then she realized just how damaging to her own reputation it was, and is now “walking it back,” saying that's not what she said, at all. But I HEARD her say it, and that's EXACTLY what she said. She can't deny it. But, like most Democrats, she will deny it, to her dying day. Knowing we know better. Then she'll criticize US for not believing her.

NO THIRD TERM”: Not even if the law allowed it. Whew! That would be a relief, if he meant it. But he has SAID it, so it must be a LIE. The fact that he felt the NEED to say it is proof to me, that the intends much more than a third term, one way or another. You can always know what Obama intends to do, by what he promises NOT to do. Clinton was a good liar, but he can't hold a candle to Obama's lies. And Hillary is right in behind them both.

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