Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Others Did It, Too!"

That's Hillary's most recent defense against her e-mail woes. Others did it, too! But that's not a defense, it's an EXCUSE! Everybody who did it should be prosecuted, right along with her. Like a mother would ask her child: “If Jimmy jumped over a cliff, would you, too?” Just because others did it, doesn't make it okay for her to do it. She must be getting really desperate, as the FBI investigation gets nearer and nearer to an indictment.

"I SUPERCEDE THE CONSTITUTION": That's what a bureaucrat from the Bureau of Land Management told somebody who was investigating the actions of the BLM. Anne Marie Sharkey, and Jeff Weiss, both BLM employees, when asked if they “superseded the Constitution, answered smugly, “Yes, I do.” Somebody needs to slap these fools around a little and wake them up to reality. They DON'T “supersede the Constitution.” Not even the PRESIDENT supersedes the Constitution! They need to be disabused of this notion.

UN DEMANDS REPARATIONS: The United Nations has passed a resolution demanding WE pay reparations, but “somehow” fails to do the same for Muslim extremists, who are KILLING people for not believing in their “religion.” That this DISPLAYS their bias goes without saying. It's bad for us to retaliate, but not for them to attack, I guess, to this organization run by dictators and mass murderers. It would be funny if the UN was the only organization ignoring the ATROCITIES Islam terrorists commit, while criticizing us for retaliating.

THEY'RE “OFFENDED!” WHOOP-DE-DOO! Media Matters is “offended” by what they consider a “slur” against illegal aliens by the recent GOP debate monitor. So WHAT? Who cares what “offends” Media Matters? Illegal aliens are ILLEGAL! If they can't see that, screw them! Calling them that is no “slur.” It is logic and common sense, both of which are things liberals (which Media Matters IS) deny exist.

WAS SCALIA MURDERED? They were quick to rule former supreme Court Justice's death as a heart attack, without performing an autopsy. Why did they move so fast? The person who found him said there was a pillow over his head when found. Does that mean he was suffocated? The Democrats are set to benefit greatly from the death of this paragon of conservatism. Would they go that far to create an “easy road” for their foolishness? Have they already?

THEY'RE GETTING WHAT THEY WANTED: Cops are now very “nervous” and “quick to shoot,” just like it was said they were, before blacks made them targets. They have created a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and many of them will die because of it. As will many cops, who only want to do their jobs and go home at night. They're forced to drive around in distinctively painted cars, wearing distinctive uniforms with that shiny “target” on their chest, taking a chance on being assassinated from ambush by black (or white) criminals, who don't have to wear easily identifiable clothing or to drive around in well-marked cars. They can sneak up and shoot them before they even know they're there.

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