Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beating Hillary

Pundits all over say Trump is “on top” in the Republican Party, but when he goes up against Hillary (or Bernie) he will be CRUSHED. It's a typical example of “being in denial.” Hillary had only TWO opponents at the BEGINNING of her campaign, now only ONE. That makes it easy to be “on top,” especially if your other main opponent is a self-admitted SOCIALIST. Trump started with SEVENTEEN, and that is now down to FIVE, including him. And he's still gaining ground. Every time another one drops out, he gets more support. I think he will stomp Hillary (or Bernie, for that matter) into a mud puddle.

CRYING RACISM: It has become the “thing to do” for black people, especially black professors, to cry “racism” when they get themselves in trouble, hoping to get out of trouble that way. There are TWO recent examples of this, one when a black female professor was stopped and advised to walk on the other side of the road (nothing else, black had nothing to do with it), and more recently, another female professor was speeding (67 in a 45 zone), was stopped and given a ticket, then politely arrested when the cops were told about an arrest warrant against her for non-payment of other tickets. Both claimed racism where NONE existed. It's a good thing cops have dash cameras, to dispute these false accusations, which are becoming routine.

TYPICAL LIBERAL SCAM: Making a pronouncement about a “conservative scheme” that can be neither proved, nor DISPROVED, and insisting it's true, repeating the lie over and over, from many sources (all of them liberals). Meanwhile, the prediction sounds more like something THEY would do. The new pronouncement is that conservatives are training dogs to attack blacks. But you can't ask the dogs what they've been trained to do, because they won't tell you. Nor the conservatives, because “they'd just lie, ya know.” Meanwhile, their lie becomes fact, through repetition.

HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you keep guns out of the hands of criminals, when so many people (including some cops) are willing to sell them to them? Did you know that a couple dozen guns “walked out” of a DC gun locker and many were subsequently confiscated after being used in other crimes, including murder. In one place, a “rogue cop” stole some out of HIS police station gun locker and sold them to criminals. He even solicited buyers on the Internet. And if this is happening in one place, it is happening in other places, as well. There are too many ways to get illegal guns, and criminals know them all.

DEATH TO AMERICA": The president of Iran says, “The beautiful cry of 'death to America' unites our nation.” What the hell kind of a nation is it if a cry for the DEATH of another nation is what holds them together? A terrorist nation, that's what? A nation that kidnapped more than 100 of our diplomats and held them for ransom. And don't let anyone blow smoke up your rear end that it was all done by Iranian CRIMINALS. It may have been, but those criminals were government employees. One of them actually became president of Iran in his own right, later. He was recognized, but nobody did anything about him,

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