Friday, February 19, 2016

A Method in Their Madness

Democrats must know there's NO WAY Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist, will ever be elected president (We hope). So they're “propping him up” during the early going so as to destroy Hillary's chances, without seeming to do so. Even if he does get the Democrat nomination, he will be CRUSHED by the Republican candidate, WHOEVER he is. But they don't think so. They're so deluded, they still think Hillary can beat the GOP candidate. That's a mistake that will destroy their chances at the presidency for at least four, hopefully EIGHT years, while Republicans wipe their abominations off the tablet.

WAKE-UP CALL: Justice Scalia's untimely death was a real wake-up call to me, because I'm only a year behind him in age. It is said that he died of a heart attack in his sleep, though he was found with a pillow on top of his face. This “paragon of conservatism” was anything if not healthy, and should have gone on for some years as the main block for liberal “flights of fancy” on the court. I'm not going to say he was murdered, but who are the people who will benefit greatly from his death? If Obama is allowed to replace him with yet another liberal fool ?It reminded me how easily my life could end at this age, even if I do feel quite well for a man of 78 years.

THERE WERE WMDS: Donald Trump says there were really NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and thus Bush had no right or reason to invade it and depose Saddam. As usual, that's a bunch of horse manure. I know Trump believes what he's been told, but there WERE weapons of mass destruction there. During the 11 months after Bush ANNOUNCED his intention to invade Iraq, Saddam sent them to Syria, where they still remain. What was left in Iraq have been found, and it's existence certified. But liberals ignore that and continue to spread the LIE.

SCREWING US, AS USUAL: Elizabeth Warren, Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, equates Republicans blocking Obama's appointment of a successor to the late Justice Scalia, to “not doing their duty.” Which is, as usual, a big load of horse manure. The Senate has the right and responsibility to vote FOR, or AGAINST a nominee and to do either is NOT “shirking their duty.” Warren, who has been mentioned to replace Scalia, wants to be a Justice, herself, and figures this is her best chance. So she will do anything, SAY anything, to make it happen.

NEED A LIE DETECTOR: That's what Hillary is saying. She notes that story about the dog that barked every time he heard a lie and demonstrated what it would sound like every time a Republican lied. So she started barking, but the barking didn't stop when she did. The dog was still barking about HER lies. It's really funny when the Democrats talk about other people's lies while ignoring their own. Hillary and Obama are the most prolific liars out there. She must have learned well from her husband, who is the former champion liar. So good, in fact, that the liberal media MARVELED about how good a liar he was.

RACISM IS GOOD!” That's what Muslims are saying. At least, as long as they are the slavers. We know a lot of things about Muslims. One is the fact that, even though they are quick to whine abut “religious bigotry” any time they are opposed on ANYTHING, they are the biggest bigots going, anywhere. Maybe they don't have anything against “less than white people” because there are “less than white people” among them, but they KILL gays. They keep their women in virtual slavery, and rape CHILDREN as a “cultural thing.” I could add to this list, but I won't.

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