Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Mystery Sniper" In Libya

He/she is targeting and killing ISIS leaders and causing them to be afraid of their shadows, for fear of being killed. Boo-hoo! I really feel; for them, but I just can't seem to REACH them! Maybe if they stopped killing innocent people for not believing the way they think they ought to, that sniper would stop killing THEM. I don't think that sniper is one of our people because it goes against everything Obama stands for. It's probably a Frenchman. If we find out who it is, we should give him/her a medal. We need to get somebody like this everywhere Islamic terrorists operate.

BERNIE FANS ARE FOOLS: There are a lot of fools in America, which is being proved (again) by the big crowds Bernie Sanders is drawing in the presidential race. It's probably because voters really, really don't WANT Hillary to win. They know if this fool gets the nomination there is NO WAY he will win the general election. He is an ADMITTED SOCIALIST, (Hillary is an UN-admitted socialist) and that's only one step away from COMMUNISM, and America doesn't want any part of that. Besides: he's so old, he'll probably die in office, and whoever he chooses as VP will become president. Which would be just as bad.

CLUB BANS MUSLIMS: A Danish night club is banning anybody who can't speak Danish, English, or any other language spoken in Denmark from his club, in response to complaints from women of “inappropriate touching by Muslim “refugees.” It's a logical move, since these fools think if a woman SMILES at them, they welcome such touching, and want to have sex with them. The bouncers can't tell them that, since they don't speak the language. I just wonder what Muslims, who are told NOT to drink, or even ASSOCIATE with “unbelievers” by the Koran, are even DOING in a night club, anyway. It's obvious. They're there to make trouble, and they have succeeded.

IT'S JUST THE REPUBLICANS”: That's what Hillary says about the CRIMINAL investigation the FBI is running about her e-mail practices. That intimates that there is nothing to it, except in the minds of her opposition. But that's just a cover so she can blame the investigation of her CRIMES on the GOP. Actually, who ELSE will investigate her crimes but the Republicans? The Democrats certainly aren't going to do it. They want her to be president, at all costs. Democrats say TRUMP could shoot someone in Times Square and not lose supporters. But the opposite is true. HILLARY could do it and not lose a single Democrat.

LISTENING TO HILLARY: Whenever Hillary comes on the television, I have to turn the sound off. That's because when she talks, she sounds like a “fishwife” screaming at her drunken husband. Bernie isn't quite as loud, but his voice is very irritating too, as are his ideas. Maybe that's because both are socialists, even if Hillary denies it. They need to rename the Democrat Party, because there is nothing Democratic about it. They should call it the “Socialist Party” to be truthful. But have you ever seen a Democrat who was truthful?

UNFAVORABLE VIEW? Gallup says, “60 Percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump." Where did they take their poll? In the lobby of the Democrat Party headquarters? The crowds he draws just don't paint a picture like that. It's hard to really picture an “unviable” candidate when he draws such massive crowds, even at impromptu events. I see they're still trying to use polls to DICTATE public opinion. I wonder who “bought” this poll? I can guess.

NOT HIS BIGGEST FAILURE! Former (thankfully) Attorney General Eric Holder says his failure to institute total gun control is his biggest failure. WRONG! His biggest failure is in “selectively” enforcing the law on conservatives, but not liberals.And especially not on Obama. And “swearing to it” every time Obama LIES. I don't know if he was the WORST AG in history, but he is in my memory. Give it time. The current AG could surpass him in stupidity. She's “showing signs.”

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