Monday, November 11, 2013

No Apology Apology

Obama “apologized to the nation” for lying when he said “If you like your policy you can keep your policy” when he KNEW that was a LIE. Or did he? What I heard was an apology for people losing their policies. Not for LYING when he said they could. Basically he was saying, “I’m sorry I lied, but you should have KNOWN I was lying.” So it’s YOUR fault.

JOE BIDEN "GOOD VP?" That’s what Obama has said, and in pubic, too! Which means to me he plans on DITCHING him at his first opportunity. It’s a typical political bullsh-t statement. As to being a “good VP,” he’s too ignorant to be a good ANYTHING. Anything Obama says is GOING to be a lie. So you can count on Ol’ Joe going “down the tubes.” The only thing he was good for in truth is as “insurance” against Obama getting a bullet in the brain (if there IS one in there)

CHEERLEADERS “PART OF GOVERNMENT”: What a stretch THAT is! Cheerleaders at a Kountze, TX high school wanted to put a scripture verse on that ubiquitous banner the football team runs through when they’re introduced and the “school officials” made that claim in an effort to stop them from doing it. What a bunch of BUFFOONS! They really think they can get around the Constitution with that weak excuse? Under that faulty reasoning, ALL students are “part of government,” too. What stupidity!

CANCELLATIONS PROHIBITED: Health insurance companies have sent out mass cancellations because there’s NO WAY they can keep the same rates with all the new and IMPOSSIBLE features Obama is ORDERING them to include. That is giving Obama a problem in stealing from them. So you can look for him to at least ATTEMPT to ORDER them to stop canceling policies. Good luck with that, Obama!

INFLATED OPINION: Actor Tom Cruise made a lot of people mad when he claimed that acting in action movies was as “grueling” as fighting in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, I’m sure acting in such movies is “grueling,” but if you ask anybody who has done both, you’ll get a much different answer. At least, when you’re acting in movies, people are not trying to KILL you every day and when the day is over you get to go home to a hot shower (or bath) and clean sheets on your bed, with a fine dinner which is not often the case with soldiers in combat. Such comments on the part of pampered actors only shows their IGNORANCE.

LARRY KING BACK ON RADIO: After six decades, Larry King is returning to radio at 79 years of age. I guess “retirement” from television wasn’t sitting well with him. Radio was where he got his start a LONG time ago. His most recent “gig” was as a show host on CNN, which he left in 2010. Anybody interested in his liberal opinions can find him on fifty different radio stations or on the AARP web site.

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