Saturday, November 9, 2013

Based On A Lie

Romney is criticizing Obama’s “selling Obamacare based on a lie.” But he still fails to use the proper descriptive word, LIE, something he should have talked about during the election, but he didn’t. So we were saddled with a second term for a criminal who has fooled  and scammed enough people to be elected TWICE. I expect him to try and stay in office when his terms are done. If he succeeds, we will have a DICTATOR we’ll never be able to rid ourselves of until he dies of old age.

LIBS PUSHING “BULLYING” AGAIN: There’s a hooraw brewing in the NFL about some “hazing of rookies” that goes on and the main individual who was supposedly “bullied” stands 6’ 5” and weighs in excess of 300 pounds. He’s arguably the LARGEST (not fat) human being in existence. How do you bully somebody like that? The arguments liberals make on ALL subjects defy logic. But that’s not surprising, since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and reason. What FOOLS!

PROOF OF INCOMPETENCE: They’re now uncovering a scandal in the Social Security Administration: they’ve paid out hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars to DEAD PEOPLE. I’ve always wondered about that “check box” on the envelopes in which the checks are mailed where all it takes to stop somebody’s checks until they’ve gone through all the hassle to prove to uncaring bureaucrats they ARE still alive. It appears most of the problems are at the other end: paying people who ARE dead. Competent people would have uncovered this long ago.

SLAMMED FOR OPPOSING A SWINDLE: We all know (at least those of us who have any intelligence at All) that global warming (more recently called “climate change” because the original name wasn’t working any more), is a SWINDLE picked up and pushed for years by former Democrat liberal Vice President Al Gore. A swindle that has made him a multi-millionaire. Ken Cuccinelli is being criticized by Clintonite former Democrat National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe because he tried to EXPOSE the global warming swindle, which is the centerpiece of the Democrat campaign to use the environment to impose more and more ruinous taxes on us. Only to liberals is exposing a swindle something bad.

DOUBLE NEGATIVE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the biggest liars In DC said, “Nothing Obama said about the Affordable care Act Was not true.” What an amazing example of a double negative THAT is—and is one of the biggest LIES she has told recently. EVERYTHING Obama has said about his health care insurance swindle is a LIE. She knows it. Yet she continues to tell us it is NOT. What a damned FOOL this woman is! We’ll be well rid of her when her term ends. Unfortunately we’ll probably get somebody just as bad to replace her, as we did when Terry McAuliffe’s term was over.

SHOWING THEIR CONTEMPT: HHS Secretary Sebilius, when she couldn’t deny something a senator said, says, “Whatever,” which shows her complete disinterest, arrogance, and contempt for those proceedings. Hillary likewise, when she couldn’t properly answer questions about her responsibility for the deaths in Benghazi, says, “What difference does it make?” Well, it makes LOT of difference to those MURDERED while she REFUSED to send help when she COULD have.

COLORADO GETS THEIR “POUND OF FLESH”: They passed the new “pot tax” that gives the state 25% of every pot sale. They gave the pot folks what they wanted, and now they get what THEY wanted: more money on pot sales. So instead of spending millions of dollars on pot enforcement, they now collect $millions in taxes—which was the whole point in legalizing pot. But don’t think I don’t agree with it. The laws creating the “war on drugs,” like most laws banning something, simply don’t work. All they do is create a criminal market for the item banned. People are capable of making up their own minds and those effort are better spent on education against that substance. The number of people misusing drugs is today HIGHER than it was the day the "war on drugs" started. So what's it worth?

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