Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Cover Up Your Little Girls"

That’s what a Muslim Imam says, and he’s right. Among Muslims, little girls of 6 or 7 CAN be “sexy.” That’s because so many Muslim men are perverts and think nothing of screwing little girls, since Mohammed did it. He MARRIED a little girl at EIGHT and they say what a good man he was because he didn’t screw her until she was NINE. They have LAWS that allow screwing little girls. In other societies having sex with girls that young is perverted, and rightly so. ANYBODY who views a six-year-old girl as a sex object IS PERVERTED, and Muslims have shown themselves to BE perverted.

“HE GOT RE-ELECTED”: So shut up! That’s what Democrats keep saying when people criticize that fool, Obama. But being re-elected shows NOTHING about the intelligence of a politician. It only shows his skill in getting himself elected and re-elected. Obama was re-elected by promising his constituents (those who want a “free ride”) everything whether he could deliver it or not. George Bush was re-elected, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from criticizing him every day. THEY are the ones who should SHUT UP!

TIRED OF THE CRAP! I’m getting really tired of the crap that’s being “force-fed” us by Democrats. They “poo-poo” the shortcomings of Obama’s health care swindle and tell us all about the “good things” it’s going to bring us. But they’re never specific, because there ARE no “good things” in the future under Obamacare. They tell us we’re going to get better plans than were cancelled, and for less money. But that hasn’t proven to be the case, in practice.

ABORTION IS MURDER! I simply can’t understand the mindset of people who say that abortion is “controversial.” It is NOT. Not to intelligent people, that is. Abortion MURDERS a child before he/she even gets a chance at life, and the majority of them today are performed, not to save the life of the mother, but for the CONVENIENCE of both parents who carelessly had sex without a rubber. Only FOOLS think THAT is “controversial.”

STUPID COMMERCIALS: Some of the commercials out there are amazingly stupid. One recent example is the one where a blond-headed, long-haired man (obviously some women’s view of a perfect man) reads a LABEL and gets applause from the guests for his “reading.” That emphasizes the lack of intelligence and common sense in the American women, which is wrong. If women were really that stupid, they wouldn’t do some of the good things they do.

JAILED FOR “INSULTS”: In a Muslim country recently, a man was sentenced to jail for “insulting” something. When “insults” become crimes, I will be a criminal because what I do insults SOMEBODY every day. Especially when the “offended one” gets to DEFINE an insult himself. My daily work involves telling the truth about people who are “offended” by my telling the truth about them. It is the kind of people I “insult” that the world would be better off without. There: that’s a general enough insult for just about ANYBODY to be “offended” by it. So go ahead and come get me.

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