Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poor Alex

Actor Alex Baldwin is now in court trying to stop a pretty young girl from “stalking him.” She claims they had a sexual relationship, which is common for stalkers; he says they did NOT, which is also common. Alex, in his usual arrogance, told a photographer, “I hope you die of cancer” as he walked by. Why ANYBODY would “stalk” this arrogant ass, I’ll never know. He is said to have “shed a tear” while on the stand, but I can’t figure out over what. It’s probably an actor’s trick, to whip up sympathy.

THEY SPEAK IN MONOTONES: I’ve noticed a pattern in “government spokesmen” these days. I don’t know if it’s always been that way, but it is, now. When “testifying” to defend Obama’s health care fiasco, they speak in a monotone as if they were reading from a prepared script that they had memorized. They probably are. I’m sure they’ve been well prepared for their “testimony.” But it’s hard to read from a prepared script WITHOUT speaking in a monotone.

ATTAINING ALL LIBERAL GOALS: Obama hopes to attain ALL liberal goals this year. Such things as gun control, health care, and such, that the liberals have been “panting after” for years. He thinks that’s going to be his “legacy.” Attaining all the liberal goals and making this into a socialist nation. And he MAY do just that, if the American people don’t start “paying attention to politics” and put a stop to him.

“NOT A LIBERAL”: They’re selling (or giving away) a bumper sticker today that says, “Not A Liberal.” But I don’t think I’ll be getting one and putting it on my car. I don’t want my car to be “egged” again by stupid, arrogant liberals who do such things to IDENTIFIED opponents. Some years ago I had one on my car that said simply, “A is A,” meaning subjective philosophy is wrong and objective philosophy is right. It was meant to get to objectivists who would understand it but some liberal who understood that, threw eggs at my car. No thanks. I won’t be making myself a “target” for such fool attacks as I drive down the road or park somewhere. Better they attack ME. Then I can retaliate.

TELL THEM TO LIE: According to NewsMax, “Videographer James O'Keefe has released a new undercover investigation that focuses on  'navigators' who are helping Americans sign up for Obamacare, releasing a video that shows government workers advising clients to lie, ignore procedures, and evade legal requirements when signing up for healthcare.” This shows you how LOW Obama has sunk to “prop up his sign-up numbers.” This is “vintage Obama” and such things can be expected of his people.

NO BACKGROUND CHECKS: Obama’s “Navigators,” the ones who “sign you up” for his health care swindle, are NOT background checked and can easily be potential “identity thieves” or people who will sell your information to identity thieves. This is not an oversight. It shows clearly the INCOMPETENCE that abounds in the Obama administration. It also shows that Obama just doesn’t CARE about the people he “signs up.” Don’t “sign up.” unless that changes.

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