Saturday, November 2, 2013

Take Away His Credit Card

The parents of a kid who spent way more than they had would RIGHTLY have his credit card taken away by his parents. Obama is blindly spending (our) money like it is water and HE should have HIS credit card taken away—instead of his parents taking an extra job to help pay the higher bills created by his “spending sprees.” There should be a way to do this. We (his parents) shouldn’t have to pay for YEARS for his excesses.

ALWAYS ANOTHER FOOL: There’s always another fool out there. This time it was a guy who hated TSA Agents and “pigs.” So he went into the Los Angeles International Airport and started shooting people, apparently targeting TSA Agents and cops. He’s reported to have asked people if they were TSA and walking on if not. But the “anti-gun fools” will still use this to give themselves impetus to pass yet more foolish laws to DISARM honest, responsible Americans, while guys like this still have no problem getting their guns.

GIVE OBAMA CREDIT: I hate to say it, but when credit is DUE, I give it. He sent a drone out and killed a top member of the Taliban. The Afghanistan “government” condemned it, saying it derailed the talks with the Taliban.” Nothing could “derail” that. ANY ‘talks with the Taliban are a SHAM designed to give them more time to kill people. They’ve already appointed a new leader. We’ll get him next.

OBAMA’S WEB SITE DOWN AGAIN: That’s a familiar headline. We see it every day. But there’s nothing bad about that. As long as that web site is down, he can’t rightly blackmail you into “signing up” for his “plans” at TWICE the cost and will have to ultimately get rid of that unconstitutional “mandate.” Personally, I will NEVER “sign up,” and I will NOT pay his “fine.” He can put me in prison if he wants. Then he has to feed me, clothe me, and give me a place to sleep.

“ASSAULT RIFLE”: They’re already saying the shooter at the LA Airport used an “assault rifle.” But I doubt it. Other reports say it was a shotgun, which the feds (and their accomplices) will ALWAYS twist into an “assault rifle.” They just want to demonize the assault rifle so they can make laws against it.

ARMING TSA AGENTS: It has been a long time coming, but the killing of one TSA Agent and the wounding of another WILL be used as an excuse to ARM the TSA Agents who riffle through our belongings and feel us up as the “price we pay” (outside the fare) to get on an airplane. They’ve WANTED to arm them from the beginning, but there was too much opposition to it. Now they can point to this occasion as an excuse to arm yet another bunch of “federal agents.”

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