Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We Can't AFFORD It!

Obama says we can’t afford simple, inexpensive things like keeping libraries open or having Easter-Egg hunts for kids.. Then he sends $60 million dollars (or more) to Syrian rebels, (many of whom are Islamic terrorists PRETENDING to be Syrian rebels) so they can buy more guns and bombs with which to kill innocent people like CHILDREN going to school and Christian churches. This hypocrisy we can’t afford.

CRISTIE IS A FOOL: He advises Republicans like Ted Cruz to stop what he’s doing. He thinks just because he won his election in a state where he has an almost unassailable entrenchment as meaning what HE does is right, and he has the right to advise people like Cruz, who are fighting for our RIGHTS to stop what they’re doing because it has failed, so far. He is WRONG. His way is NOT the right way just because he won his election. Right is right, and right (RIGHT, not "right-wing") is ON Ted Cruz’s side, whether or not this bloated fool knows it or not.

OBAMA KNEW EVEN AS HE LIED: It’s a terrible thing to have to call the PRESIDENT a liar. But that word now applies to Barack Hussein Obama (and always has). He is not “suspected” of being a liar, he is KNOWN to be lying (and he knew he was lying) when he told the nation many times that under ObamaCare they would get to keep their insurance program if they wanted, KNOWING even as he said it he was lying. Such a lie should be grounds for impeachment and be prima facie evidence for the Senate to remove him from office.

ONLY HIS OPINION COUNTS: That’s apparently how George Clooney looks at the world. The opinions of all others (that differ with his) are “STUPID. He believes in that “global warming” crap and everybody else (who do not) are “stupid.” “Global warming” is so wrong it required a name change when it was discovered there had been NO global warming for at least fifteen years. In other words, global warming DOES NOT EXIST. But those of us who think so are “stupid.” And even if it did, it’s not man-caused. People who think it is ARE stupid.

REALLY IMPORTANT ARGUMENT: They’re arguing over who has the tallest building in the country: The tower just built at the old World Trade Center in New York, or Chicago’s Willis Tower. Since this is America, they’ll just have to “shoot it out,” according to anti-gun fools. We’ve got some REAL important questions out there, like Obama’s $15 TRILLION dollar debt and his finagling that is destroying the health insurance industry, But they’re arguing over who has the tallest building in America!. Obama loves it. While they’re arguing about that, they forget his crimes.

WHO’S THE WORST CON MAN? Bernie Madoff or Barack Hussein Obama? Bernie only conned a few people out of several $MILLION. Obama is in the process of conning the entire United States population out of $TRILLIONS of dollars. That makes HIM the worst con man in the United States according to my way of reason reasoning. But since he’s president, with all the power than entails, he will probably not be “brought to justice” for his crimes.

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