Saturday, November 16, 2013

Only the Government

The Post Office says it has lost $5 BILLION dollars in the last year because fewer people are sending letters. So they want to raise their prices (again) to make up for it. They just don’t understand that a price of almost half a DOLLAR to deliver ONE LETTER is just too much. And that, in itself, stops people from using their service. Add to that that there are several different choices now to deliver mail, and they are the “buggy whip makers” of today. Like the buggy whip makers of old, when the car came along, they are now an OUTDATED service and will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS. On top of that, they can’t understand that RAISING prices will not bring in MORE business.

TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE: Something I saw on Facebook recently hit a nerve. It was a soliloquy about the necessity for him to take a drug test in order to EARN the money the government uses to give WELFARE to people who NEVER work, but just sit on their butts and do drugs on their welfare money, in order to GET welfare’s “free money.” While old people who can hardly walk and CANNOT work get $15 a month in Food Stamps and MINIMAL money from welfare when they truly NEED it because there’s not enough money left over in the “system.”. And like him, I also think politicians who demand it of us should take their own “pee test” before being elected.

GIVING HIM HIS “NEEDINGS”: Some fool approached former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is no “spring chicken” and accused him of lying and cowardice for CLAIMING to have gone to the moon, and got a face full of knuckles for his trouble. He had it coming. He’ll probably want to file some charges against Aldrin or sue him, but unless he gets a fool judge that will not work for him. He should just go home and keep his fool mouth shut. All he does when he opens it is to demonstrate his stupidity.

OBAMA SUPPORT “CRACKING”: It’s not just Republicans criticizing Obama’s health care swindle law. Now Democrats, nervous as the mid-term elections approach, are also criticizing it. Even the liberal MEDIA are criticizing him and his swindle. The entire program is SOCIALIST, and involves stealing FROM YOUNG, HEALTHY people who don’t NEED health care insurance, to pay for the health care needed more often by older people. The plan doesn’t work, and he is “flailing out” in all directions, blaming OTHERS for the failure of his plan, which will not work at all. He’s now blaming FOX NEWS for “bad-mouthing” his plan, saying their criticism is responsible. What a FOOL he is!

GUIDELINES ON REPORTING: Slate advises reporters when writing about “unintentional” shootings of children to “avoid using the word accidental,” which intimates nobody is at fault. Anything to emphasize the wishes of liberal gun-haters, I guess. Reporting the facts is not enough, I guess. They want to make sure and assign BLAME in such cases to advance their agenda to disarm ALL Americans.

COLOSSAL IGNORANCE: The people who object to a woman posing holding a gun with a dead lion are “glittering jewels of colossal ignorance.” Lions are killers. They kill every day. That’s how they stay alive. To kill one shows a lot of bravery. And for a WOMAN to kill one moreso. They’re a bunch of pussies who couldn’t accomplish it themselves, so they badmouth those who can, and do.

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