Monday, November 18, 2013

Collossal Ignorance and Arrogsnce

When you combine colossal ignorance with arrogance you describe current Attorney General Eric Holder. In response to all the attempts to remove him, he replies, “I’ll be Attorney General well into 2014.” That reveals his colossal ignorance well. All it will take to unseat him is ONE DC politician with GONADS who will file the proper charges against him. God knows, there’s enough material out there! He's already committed contempt of court, and hasn't been punished.

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS? Why are CIA people being asked (ordered) to sign non-disclosure agreements about the Islamic terrorist attack on the embassy property in Benghazi? Can those agreements be enforced? If so, maybe robbers and murderers can get their victims and witnesses to sign similar agreements, and enforce them.  Why is the government able to order people not to tell the truth when we can’t? It must be nice to be able to legally tell people to "shut up" about your crimes.

WHY IS OBAMA STILL IN OFFICE? He has committed every kind of crime possible for a president. He has forced through congress a health care bill that NOBODY has read; He has LIED to the nation multiple times when he told them they could keep their health insurance policy if they wanted to after ObamaCare is passed, well KNOWING that’s a lie, since he fixed it so they COULDN’T. He APPROVED several ILLEGAL programs, including “Fast & Furious” and the “Grenade Walk,” both of which smuggled arms to the Mexican drug cartels. He has given $BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS (which we don’t have anymore after he spent it all) to Islamic TERRORISTS who use those dollars to MURDER innocent people all over the world. There’s more, but I don’t have room here.

FIRE ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS: In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, they FIRED their mayor when he signed up to be one of Bloomberg’s anti-gun cities. He swore to UPHOLD the Constitution and the RIGHT to keep and bear arms is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. In Colorado, we “fired” TWO anti-gun politicians and are in the process of firing another. It is no longer politically “safe” to be an “anti-gun politician.”

DREAM ON, MAYOR: Moshe Abutbul, mayor of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, SAYS, “We don’t have gays in our town. It’s clean and pure.” Then he goes on to say, ”The cops should deal with them.” Which is it, Mayor? No gays, or the cops should deal with them. Like when Iran President Ahmadinijerk said “We don’t have any gays in Iran, but if you know where they live, tell me.” Unsaid is “So I can kill them.” How do such stupid people ever get into office?

OBAMA’S FOOLISHNESS: His administration requires a “picture ID’ when you go on his health care swindle web site, but still argues AGAINST the use of them in order to prove you’re who you SAY you are when you vote, and to insure you only vote ONCE. That’s because a photo ID would ruin most of his vote scams that got him elected twice in spite of his criminality in office. Doing this reveals (again) his dishonesty. I guess that makes him racist.

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