Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He Never Mentioned Obamacare

When he went out for Terry McAuliffe to “salvage” his campaign against Ken Cuccineli. Who only led Cucinelli by 5 points. That’s not too reassuring to Obama, who NEEDS every Democrat victory he can get, by “hook or crook,” which he’s good at. His “signature legislation,” and an important part of the election in that state, he didn’t even mention. Maybe he thinks (hopes) the people of Virginia will forget it. (Apparently they did. McAuliffe won narrowly by outspending Cuccinelli by a country mile.

OFF THE INTERNET: Sorry; I was off the Internet all day yesterday because of a router breakdown occasioned by an update my provider made that was too much for my old router. Obviously, it's fixed now.

CHANGED THEIR TUNE: They’re still saying “If you like your current insurance, you can keep it.” But, reflecting reality, they now insert a few more words in there: “if it hasn’t been canceled or changed by the insurance companies,” trying to blame the insurance companies for it, since with all the needless things the law has added (such as coverage for previous maladies and allowing people’s children to remain on their parent’s insurance until age 26) causes rates to rise, they have had to cancel millions of policies (which eliminates the possibility of being “grandfathered in”). They really think we’re stupid enough to believe there is NO REASON for the rate increases.

PAID FOR RUBBERS ELIMINATED: The Supreme Court has struck down yet another of Obama’s silly mandates in his health care swindle law. One by one, they’re coming out of it. Maybe soon they’ll realize what a really silly notion letting people buy insurance AFTER learning they have cancer or some other EXPENSIVE malady is, they’ll strike that part down, too, which will seriously cripple it. Maybe they’ll REALLY get smart and realize the whole LAW is unconstitutional (because the constitution does NOT allow the government to force people to buy ANYTHING) and REALLY kill it.

CANCELS TWITTER ACCOUNT: Twitter has TWICE canceled the account of people who criticized Obama’s health care swindle. Which is a losing proposition for Twitter because there are too many other ways for these people to get their message out, and canceling such accounts will cause them to LOSE many other accounts, including mine. ANY platform that pretends  to censor me will not only lose me, but I will tell my story in many other places. What they don’t understand is, I don’t need them, they need ME.

“HE JUST MISSPOKE”: That’s what the New York Times says about Obama’s “promise” that you could keep your insurance if you liked it. Oh yeah; he “misspoke” a hundred times. He must have made that “promise” that many times, at least. That’s not “misspeaking.” That’s an OUTRIGHT LIE and NYT is trying its best to lie to us further. How STUPID are the people at the New York Times? This is an excellent example of the crappy “journalism” practiced by liberal newspapers. “Misspoke,” indeed! Somebody needs to wake the NYT up to reality. NO wonder liberal newspapers are going broke.

He knows it’s a scam. How could he NOT? So he’s not going to even ASK Congress to help him take advantage of it. He’s going to “go around them” by using executive orders for something they were NEVER intended to be used. He is committing a crime (again) by so using something meant only to instruct governmental employees, to substitute for real law. This fool NEEDS to GO! And SOON! Before he can finish ruining this country.

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