Monday, November 4, 2013

They "Vow Revenge"

The Taliban acts like there was no reason for the drone strike that killed their leader in Pakistan. They remember NOTHING of the atrocities THEY have committed against innocent people. They think we’re WRONG to kill their “leader.” Frankly, he had it coming. He was responsible for COUNTLESS murders of innocent people, most of which were not only unarmed, but were unsuspecting (as much as they could be) as well. Any “revenge” they take will be “business as usual,” since they kill innocent people every day. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE: HHS Secretary Sebilius apologizes for the failure of Obama’s web site, which is basically the ONLY portal for people to “sign up” for their bogus insurance plans. I believe her. It’s the only thing keeping the “sheeple” from signing their livelihoods away to Obama. But she didn’t apologize for Obama’s health care swindle, period, and that’s what she SHOULD have apologized for.

BUSH IS TO BLAME, RIGHT? ObamaCare is a “fool’s paradise.” And it was PLANNED to be. It’s working perfectly, even if his web site isn’t. The PURPOSE of the whole thing is to DESTROY the health insurance industry in America so as to FORCE us into a “single-payer” plan. Which is what Obama REALLY wants so he can CONTROL our health care and thus, the rest of our lives. Of course, that’s gotta be Bush’s fault, right? Hmmmmm?

TELL HIM TO “SHOVE IT” SIDEWAYS: Pakistan “summons” American ambassador to “protest” the killing of a top Taliban leader in that country. Which begs the question, “Which side are they ON? Why would an intelligent “leader” of a country that SHOULD be an enemy to all the Taliban stands for “protest” the killing of a murderous terrorist unless they were in league with him? I think the ambassador should tell them to just shut up, or we’ll take away their “welfare.”

LERNER COMMITTED A CRIME: Several, in fact. First of all, to disclose information from a tax form to ANY other agency is a violation of the tax code itself, which carries a possible FIVE YEAR jail sentence and a fine for EACH act. There are several other crimes she committed in “targeting” the Tea Parties and other right-wing organizations for a BLOCKAGE of their right to become tax exempt, and then LIED to Congress about it when she said she committed NO crimes. That, in itself, was a LIE and a crime for which no less than a president of the United States was penalized. And she said it BEFORE she cited the Fifth Amendment.

PRESS STILL LYING ABOUT GOETZ: The cops arrested Bernie Goetz, the New Yorker who shot some subway bandits the press STILL call “panhandlers” to hide the fact that they were ROBBING him when he shot them. One of the thugs sued Goetz and got a $43 million judgment, which he never collected, due to Goetz’s declaring bankruptcy. That, in itself (the suit, and his winning it) is a travesty. Criminals should NEVER be allowed to sue their VICTIMS for injuries they suffered while committing a crime on the suee and which they got while the victim was defending himself. But that’s New York City. It’s a damned fool judge that gives such a thug a judgment.

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