Friday, November 15, 2013

They Call It "Substandard"

The government calls plans that don’t meet THEIR requirements “substandard” and will not allow them to be sold (unless they change their minds, of course). You know, plans that don’t allow an expensive pregnancy coverage for an 80-year-old man or –let’s see—free condoms and abortion coverage. For everybody, including that octogenarian and children six years old. “One size fits all,” I guess they call it. Then there’s that “pre-existing illness” coverage that will BANKRUPT the insurance companies. Damn, what FOOLS these politicians are!

ONE MORE ATTACK ON FIRST AMENDMENT: They’re trying to get rid of the First Amendment by causing the “death of a thousand cuts.” They can’t just get rid of it, so they do it little by little, all over, with “PC Speak.” Now they’ve told a school student not to wear a “Duck Dynasty” t-shirt because THEY considered “redneck” to be a slur. Who the hell cares what THEY think? His kid has a RIGHT to wear that t-shirt. Rednecks don't consider it a slur--they use it to describe themselves! So where do they get off saying it's a slur?

OBAMA ADMITS TO HIS LIE: And tries to “fix it.” He says, “If you can get your insurance company to cooperate you can keep your current policy.” Thus shifting the blame for cancelled policies to the insurance companies. He fails to mention that they CANNOT cover people at the same rates with all the UNNECESSARY additional coverage MANDATES he has saddled them with. Yet the “fix” he has put in place is good only for ONE YEAR. After that, you’re “on your own.”

DOESN’T COVER 80%” One of the biggest myths out there is the one that says Medicare “covers 80% of your medical costs.” It does NOT. I’m on Medicare and I get to look at my Medicare statements where in addition to all the other columns there is the one showing how much of the bill Medicare actually APPROVES for payment. It is routinely only HALF of the bill. Then they pay 80% of THAT. That’s only 40% of the original bill. This is one more LIE told you by your government. Then the doctors jack their prices up enough to collect as much as they’re entitled to for their work.

A “PRESS WATCHDOG?” The Nation, one of the most liberal, one-sided magazines going (I could write several books about the lies they tell), claims to be a “watchdog” on the press to reverse the bias there is there. What a LAUGH! They are one of  the worst practitioners of biased reporting out there, and they claim to BE the “watchdog?” It amazes me how some people can accuse others of what THEY are doing and CLAIM to be the “watchdog” to keep it from happening. And they BELIEVE that crap! But then they’re liberals and socialists. We expect that of them. That’s how they operate.
COMMUNISM IN ACTION: Liberals complain about the people who they say are just “lucky” and do better than others. They say that these people need to be punished and money taken away from them, redistributing that money to those who cannot produce new wealth.. This is merely jealousy by people who can’t equal the achievements of the people they think are just “lucky” and want to take the fruits of their superior ability from them. This “celebrates mediocrity.” This allows the mediocre to steal from their betters. That is the “core value” of socialism: LOOTING from those capable of PRODUCING new wealth and GIVING that stolen to those who cannot gain it any other way. Socialists, and those who gain by their philosophy are merely THIEVES.

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