Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama Is Frightened

At an event supporting former Democrat Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia, he said candidly (he must have been off the teleprompter) this: “Nothing makes me more nervous than when my supporters start feeling too confident,” Obama said during the rally. “So I want to put the fear of God in all of you.” What would make his supporters feel confident, I don’t know. His approval rating is in the toilet and that means DOOM for many Democrats. He goes out of his way to “knock” the Tea Parties, which tells me they scare him more than a little.

PULLING OUT THE BIG GUNS: Obama and Bill Clinton were both speaking in support of Terry McAuliffe, so they must not be completely confident of his victory over Cuccinelli. With Obama’s approval rating in the garbage and Bill Clinton having been impeached for lying to Congress, I don’t really know how much help they can be. But they’re scared, and that’s how they win elections: use the “big guns” to try and blow strong candidates out of the water.

PURGING THE MILITARY: Obama doesn’t want what happened to Morsi in Egypt to happen to him, so he’s “purging” the military of all the top people who oppose him, in any way. What he doesn’t consider is that purging them leaves them free to “do their thing” without being traitors. They’re still there; they still disagree with him, and they can always work against him as civilians. They know the “ways of the world” and can be the END of him if they wish.

“TRUE LEADER, CAN’T BE TRIED”: Egyptians (predictably) went into the streets to defend terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (former) president, Mohammed Morsi, saying, “He’s a true leader, he can’t be tried.” But he can. And he will be. Even if the fools who believe in him march all over Egypt. Like Obama, he went too far, and Egypt’s military (unlike ours) “took him out.” This just proves that an elected criminal CAN be removed if enough people show their gonads.

THE PREMISE IS WRONG: The very PREMISE on which Obama’s health care swindle law is BASED is wrong. It’s COLLECTIVIST, which is the same as communist, socialist, Fascist, and Progressivist (another name for communist). It DEPENDS on TAKING from the young to pay for what Obama CALLS “universal health care” for older people, who need more care than do young people. Young people rightly buy less health care insurance because they KNOW they’re not going to get sick as often and that is the “pool of money” Obama wants to “tap.”

The Obama apologists are now saying “we didn’t do it, the insurance companies did it.” That’s what they say about all those policy cancellations. The reasons for those cancellations are so small, it’s obvious the government PLANNED it that way.” They KNEW those plans would be changed over time and they SET IT UP so that those changes would make them unable to continue to be “grandfathered in.” That way they could MAKE them uninsured and forced to buy Obama’s insurance, at TWICE the price.

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