Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beating A Dead Horse

Liberals continue to label ALL those who oppose Obama in any way as “Racists” while that label is becoming less and less toxic due to overuse. We’re onto you, liberals! It’s time you came up with a new lie. Nobody believes you any more. Obama is a fool and we all know it now, even if you don’t. Unfortunately there are too many fools like you out there and that’s going to make it hard to get rid of you.

BODY LANGUAGE: I just watched Matt Lauer’s interview with Sarah Palin and it was instructive. She refuted every effort he made to “explain away” the problems with his health care swindle and he was pissed. She made hamburger out of him. You could tell by his “body language.” He sat there with his hand out, palm down, as if he was blocking her from saying anything more while he expounded his swill. Good on ya, Sarah! I’d like to see her as the next president, but that won’t happen because they’ve succeeded in lying her out of consideration.

NO “REPLACEMENT”: Liberals like Matt Lauer and his kind talk constantly about the Tea Parties not having a “good program” to replace Obamacare. That’s foolishness. They have presented NUMEROUS plans, only to have them rejected by Obama. But that’s not the question: there is no “replacement” needed. It is a MANUFACTURED problem, manufactured to give Obama and the liberals more power and more of our money.

NBC STILL “OUT TO LUNCH”: ABC and CBS actually noticed Obama’s miserable approval numbers and reported on it. Wonder of wonders! But NBC is still “out to lunch” on the subject. I guess they didn’t “Get the memo” about “loosening up a little” to make it LOOK like they were actually journalists. Russia used to have LAWS against their media reporting ANYTHING that made the government look bad. We don’t need such laws. The media censors itself.

“GLITCH GIRL” HATED: I can only ask, “Why?” She’s just a face on a web site. People don’t “hate” Kathleen Sebilius, when she is the REAL “face of Obamacare.” Why hate this poor girl whose face was TAKEN by Obama to illustrate his abomination of the Internet. She didn’t even get paid for their use of her image. So what’s going on? People who “hate” her are FOOLS.

STILL PUSHING THAT RACISM CRAP: Al Sharpton, who sees racism under every bed, is now accusing Sarah Palin of “a racial tinge” in something she said, for actually having the temerity to use the word “slavery” to describe what Obama is doing to this nation. It’s as if HE had a PATENT on the word “slavery.” I got news for him. Just because he’s the biggest race pimp around, he doesn’t OWN the word.

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