Sunday, August 12, 2012

Willie Horton and Swift Boats Were True

Democrats cite both as examples of “way down low dishonest tactics” to win an election. Only problem is, both were TRUE. I guess it is the TRUTH that is, to Democrats and liberals, dishonest. I guess that happens when you think lying to get elected is a good thing, as do Democrats and liberals.

“HE DOESN’T KNOW YOU!” Democrats keep saying Romney “doesn’t know you” because he’s rich. He wasn’t always as rich as he is now. But he EARNED every dime he has now. Not by “loading failing companies up with debt, then making them go bankrupt,” but by SAVING more than 80% of the companies that ASKED HIM IN because they WERE failing. Some couldn’t be saved, and that’s what Democrats concentrate on..

KING OF JOB LOSS: The Democrats try to paint Romney as “the king of job loss.” But he can’t hold a candle to Obama there. Ask Obama how many jobs were lost when he closed hundreds of car dealerships as he “nationalized” General Motors. And how many jobs have been lost because of his many regulatory excesses that caused many businesses to fail.

The Obama presidency has been a singular DISASTER for America, The economy is “on shambles,” and it’s NOT Bush’s fault. It was CREATED by Democrats in 1976 (to get him and other Democrats elected) with the Community Reinvestment Act, making it mandatory for lenders to loan money to people who would NEVER be able to repay it. Obama has spent more of our money than there IS; more than ALL presidents before him, and is trying HARD to make this into a socialist state.

NAZIS ARE LEFTISTS: Liberals try to convince us Nazis are “Right-wingers.” They’re NOT. They are SOCIALISTS, and always have been. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALISM.” And Nazis are “haters” to the core. Today’s Nazis are just like the original Nazis and hate Jews. But they also hate blacks, Mexicans, and other minorities. I don’t see how they get followers, except for those who ALSO hate everybody not like themselves who aren’t Muslim extremists.

A “SLAP IN THE FACE”: Romney picking Paul Ryan as his running mate is a distinct “slap in the face” to Obama, and all other liberal Democrats. It’s something Obama and his crowd NEEDED to “wake THEM up” to what looms in their future: obscurity. Obama has grown used to being the center of attention, but that’s about to end when Romney and a man who UNDERSTANDS how to reverse this economic downturn FIRE him in November.

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