Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's NOT "Islamaphobia"

IT’S NOT “ISLAMAPHOBIA”: If it’s the truth, and that’s what hurts the Islamic folks working to overthrow us more than anything, so they “cry foul” when we tell the truth about them. They've invented a word tham "indicates" anybody who criticizes them is somehow "mentally unstabler." Nobody with any sense has anything against Muslims because of their “religion.” They DO have something against those Muslims who want to KILL us for not believing exactly the same way they do. And that’s what this “Islamic/American war” is all about. We didn’t attack them, they attacked us on Sept. 11. 2001 and before. There have been 19,250 Islamic attacks since 9/11, and counting.

IS CRIST A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN? That’s a typical “unanswerable question” liberals ask. It’s unanswerable because there WAS no Democrat OR Republican Party when Jesus was alive. So the question is moot. Furthermore, he did not engage in politics, only in right or wrong. I have to say, if he was a Republican, the Democrat Party would not exist today.

OBAMA IS A FOOL: He actually thinks we believe his lies when he says things like, “The private sector is doing fine,” or, “We tried theirs and we tried ours, and ours worked.” What PLANET is this fool living on? He’s either knowingly lying to us, or is completely incompetent to be president. People think he cannot bring communism to this country. They say, “It can’t happen here.” That’s what the Germans thought while Hitler was consolidating his power. Then, before they knew what was happening, he was a dictator and killing Jews.

“COME ON IN AND KILL US!” That’s what Colorado University is telling armed gunmen who want to victimize their students by banning guns, even in the hands of licensed to carry students in campus housing. They’re telling them there will be no guns there to oppose you so come on in and victimize them. That’s the effect in ALL “gun-free zones.” Notice those mass killers never go into gun shows or police stations. They only go where guns are banned.

“DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC”: There IS no such thing, but some people aren’t smart enough to know that, mostly those who promote socialism or other forms of collectivism. Democracy is where ALL people vote on EVERY law. A republic is where you elect representatives to vote for you, which is what we have. I just read a comment that accuses others of being stupid for not knowing what a “democratic republic” is. Again: there IS no such thing.

OBAMA, YOU’RE A FOOL! You say “the private sector is doing fine”; that “we tried ours and we tried theirs, and ours worked.” What PLANET have you been living on? With unemployment at more than 8% for YEARS and very few jobs being created—not nearly enough to get us out of the recession that still goes on, how can you say that with a straight face?

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