Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama Cancels Space Program

The space program is the reason we have cell phones and computers so small we can carry them in our pockets that have as much memory as computers that once filled entire buildings a block or more long. But this short-sighted president has cancelled it “because it cost too much.” Denver’s new (new?) AIRPORT cost twice as much as the latest (and last) Mars mission. It cost $2-1/2 billion dollars while DIA cost (at the time it opened) $5 billion dollars. Obama has spent the money he saved, and a lot more on his “give-away programs,” and the money lasted about a week while buying many votes for Obama and other Democrats.

Jaren Laughner, the fool who shot now former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, while murdering six others including a federal judge, has applied for a plea bargain that will give him life in prison instead of the death sentence. WTF? He wasn’t going to be all that hard to convict that they needed to give him such a plea bargain. They ought to take him out and shoot him now, not feed, clothe, and house him for the rest of his unnatural life.

OBAMA TALKS WITH HIS NOSE IN THE AIR: Have you ever noticed this? His nose is always elevated when he talks to us, just as if he thinks we are not his equal. And that’s right. He doesn’t. He thinks he is above us “po folks” and should be allowed to be “president for life” so he can continue to make all our decisions for us since we’re not smart enough to do it ourselves.

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT OBAMA’S BIG FAILURES: They talk about his killing of public enemy number one, Osama bin Laden as if he personally pulled the trigger and put that bullet in Osama’s brain, but never mention the 24 Pakistan soldiers his troops killed by accident. I think he only PRETENDED to kill Osama. I think Bush killed him years ago when he bombed the cave in which he was cowering. They’ve been trying to convince us he was still alive ever since. Then there was Solyndra . . .

SOLYNDRA WAS A BIG FAILURE: Obama “invested” $535 million dollars (of OUR money) in it, against the  best advice his economic advisers gave him because it was run by some of his biggest donors. They “took the money and ran” as soon as they could, leaving the taxpayers “holding the bag.” That’s one way to pay your supporters back in a way we can’t recover it.

THIS IS WAR! Obama doesn’t lie us having “war rooms” to decide what to do about his thievery and removal of our constitutional rights. But he won’t close down HIS ”war rooms.” As usual, what’s good for him is NOT good for us. Well folks, this IS “war.” And it IS a “war” against Obama! If we do it right, we can defeat him in November and “send him packing” back to Chicago, where one of his former subordinates is now in charge.

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