Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Trickle-Down Fairy Dust"

Obama: "Conservatives have tried to sell that 'trickle down fairy dust" before, but it didn't work." But it did work, stupid! It created the biggest, longest lasting boom ever, until Democrats purposely destroyed it with the passage of a law in 1976 forcing lenders knowingly to loan money to people who could never repay it; a recipe for disaster they could use to get Democrats elected on a false premise.

AUTO INDUSTRY "CAME ROARING BACK": Obama says it did, after he took over GM and spent BILLIONS on a "bailout." But it isn't "roaring back." It's barely crawling and we're STILL "on the hook" for billions of dollars, just for General Motors alone, which is STILL "hovering" shy of bankruptcy-especially since sales of Obama's "signature car," the Chevy Volt, are going very badly. They can't get rid of them and have closed the plant that made them. What PLANET is Obama living on?

ARE THEY PREPARING FOR CIVIL UNREST? The feds are buying a lot of bullets and a lot of guns. So many, in fact, that they are "redacting" the amounts from papers turned over under the Freedom of Information Act. Why is this? Do they think the American people will have "had enough" of the oppression visited upon them by Barack Obama and will "hit the streets?" Are they getting ready for war with their own people? This administration thinks there IS no war against America by Muslim extremists.

IS OBAMA TRYING TO DIVIDE US? He says not. But his every move serves to do so. Is he lying? Of course. Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. I don’t even believe him when he says, "I’m Barack Obama. I approve this message." One of the basic questions not answered is his very NAME.

DID ROMNEY PAY HIS TAXES? First, the Democrats tell us Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years (with no proof offered). Then they run ads saying he “only paid 14%.” Which is a LIE and which is the truth? I don’t believe EITHER. In any case, that 14% figure is the legal amount paid by ALL people who make “capital gains.” That’s not a “special category” for Republican presidential candidates. What percentage did OBAMA pay on his capital gains?

WHY ALWAYS LIBERALS? Seems like the moderator in every presidential or vice-presidential debates is a liberal. Rarely is a conservative newsperson “given the nod” as moderator in an important political debate. Is it because they WANT the questions to come from the liberal side? Do they WANT questions like, “When did you quit beating your wife?”

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