Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama Losing Jewish Vote

Ya THINK? Obama has been working as hard at alienating Jews as he has anything else. And some people are SURPRISED that he’s “losing the Jewish vote?” That pretty much shows the ignorance that abounds out there.

WILL WE SEE THIS IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA? The liberal media is having a “field day” about the Missouri representative who believes in abortion even in cases of rape and incest. He feels you shouldn’t punish the baby for the sins of the father. They think we should “get rid of this scourge upon the electorate.” But who will hear about Minnesota representative Terry Gauthier (D-MN) having oral sex with an underage (everywhere but Minnesota) BOY outside of Minnesota since he is a Democrat?

WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE IN PRISON? If I (a white man) said some of the things they have said, I would be swiftly incarcerated and my fellow PRISONERS would make me sorry I was born. They want to go out and “kill all crackers.” They want to “kill cracker babies.”  That’s a THREAT in any man’s language and ANYBODY white OR black, who utters it should be imprisoned. Why are they NOT? Because to AG Holder, “They are my people.” Which means Holder has GOT to go.

WE ARE NOT “BETTER OFF”: Anybody with any intelligence at all can tell you we’re NOT “better off” than we were before Obama “took over.” Unemployment figures, the astronomically high national debt (most of which was spent since Obama took over) and every other indicator proves that to be true. But Obama still insists that “the private sector is doing okay.” How STUPID is this man? How STUPID does hew think WE are?

TOO MANY ARMED FEDERAL AGENCIES: Why do agents of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have guns? How about the Social Security Administration? There are now 73 agencies whose “special agents” are now armed. The federal law enforcement bureaucracy has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, right along with the number of eviscerating federal regulations that have “put chains” on free enterprise. Are they preparing to “go to war” with Americans?

WHAT YOU CAN ASK: The White House is now telling the White House press corps what they can, and cannot ask—and they think they can enforce it, too. I seem to remember a time when the press corps asked “the tough questions” and nobody, not even a president, dared to limit this. Obama thinks he can, and has given them a list of what they can, and cannot ask about. Dictator Obama, that is.

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