Saturday, August 18, 2012

Priceless Headline

On there is a story about that female rock group that was arrested in Russia for talking against the regime. It is, “Russian Orthodox Church forgives ‘Pussy Riot’. ” This is their name, which has led to this priceless headline. They were convicted of “hooliganism” for taking over a church and making a long “prayer” to be “saved from Putin.” The Church has “forgiven them.” I don’t know if that will save them from 2 years in a Russian prison.

In the almost four years he has been in charge of this government, there has been not one single budget passed by Congress because Obama hasn’t presented one. This is against the law, but Obama doesn’t care. The number of laws he has broken with impunity since he was elected are many, but if nobody will do anything about it, he will continue in his lawless ways until we get rid of him in November and send him and the rest of his thugs back to Chicago.

ARABIAN KING “SHAKES” WITH AHMADINIJERK: But not with the president of the United States, who bows to “royalty” all over the world. For my part, Ahmadinijerk isn’t even good enough to bow to the King of ANYTHING. He, like Obama, needs to be “cleaned” off the face of the Earth.

OBAMA KNOWS THE ENTERTAINMENT PRESS: “Obama hasn’t answered questions from the White House press corps in over 8 weeks but he has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and pop radio stations. Obama has yet to be asked by reporters about the increasing unemployment rate but we do now know where he stands on Call Me Maybe,” says an official from the Republican National Committee.

THEY’VE TRIED IT BEFORE: Islamic states have tried before to “take down” Israel, without much luck. Remember the “Six-Day War?” They THINK they’re “bad,” but they’re not. There isn’t an Islamic run state on this planet that can measure up to Israel in the warfare department. All they can do is “snipe” at them and threaten. But if they try anything REAL they’ll cease to exist.

KEEP TALKING, JOE: That’s what the Republicans would like, since every time Joe opens his mouth he gives conservatives more and better reasons NOT to vote democrat. By the way: you might be wondering why I never use the term “Democratic” to describe liberals. That’s because there’s nothing “democratic” about that outfit.

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